How to Create a Cool Kids Play Corner on a Budget

Stepped on one too many Lego recently? Tired of corralling little ponies every day? Have the kids taken over every room in your house? Maybe it’s time to create a dedicated play space to restore some family harmony.

How to create a kids play space on a budget -

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Depending on your child’s age, a play space can serve many purposes – a place for imaginative and pretend play, a reading nook, or just a place to chill out when they need some quiet time.

You don’t need to spend a fortune putting together a creative space that your kids will enjoy, you don’t even need to dedicate a whole room, a little corner will do nicely.

A few essential items are all that’s required to make the perfect kids play corner:

  1. Shelves for favourite toys and books – keep them low or affix to the wall so there’s no risk of them toppling over.
  2. Cushions or a beanbag, and don’t forget a cozy blanket for relaxing.
  3. Play mat or rug – to soften hard floors and help delineate the play space.
  4. A touch of whimsy – artwork, fairy lights or a netting canopy will make the space extra special.

How to create a kids play space on a budget -

Today we’ve partnered with ALDI to show you how their Kids Essentials Special Buys, which go on sale this Saturday 14th April 2018, can be used to make a cool kids play corner that will become your child’s most favourite place to hang out.

Emma was really excited when the parcel arrived from ALDI with the three products we’ve used to create a little play corner for her. Apart from her room (which is pretty cluttered) she doesn’t have a dedicated chill out and reading zone. I thought it would be a great opportunity to turn an unused space on the upstairs landing into a cool little play area and quiet corner.

I love that ALDI’s new kids products are practical, affordable and look great too, with the added bonus that they serve double duty. Read on to see what I mean.

Emma’s pick – Mermaid Blanket

Mermaid tail blanket from ALDI

With winter coming up, this easy to care for blanket will keep her super cozy while reading or watching TV. She gasped when she saw it, as apparently she has wanted one “her whole life”, and it’s just the best thing EVER! It’s also great for pretend play – I’ve already heard her recreating scenes from The Little Mermaid.

DOUBLE DUTY  – Use as a blanket or a costume.

How to create a placespace on budget -

Mermaid tail blanket - play corner idea -

Cinti Loves – Scoop Bag Playmat

Anything that keeps the mountains of Lego under control is tops in my book. I’ve considered making a similar style storage bag for a while but just never got around to it.

This one is easy to use and makes packing up blocks and toys super quick. Its durable waterproof fabric means you can wipe it down or even use it as an outdoor play mat.

Aldi Scoop Bag makes lego pack up super quick -

Aldi Scoop Bag makes lego pack up super quick -

DOUBLE DUTY  – Use as toy storage or a small picnic/beach blanket.

How to create a kids play space on a budget -

Great Value – House Bookcase

This cute bookcase is quite solid and looks great! I’m really tempted to requisition it for my sewing room, as I think it would be perfect for storing fabric and yarn.

Lots of sections mean that books don’t topple all over the place when you pull one out, and did I mention how cute it looks.

The backing board is reversible so you can choose to have it just white if you like. I may even line the backing boards with colourful wallpaper down the track to change the look.

It’s well priced at $49.99 which is quite reasonable for its size I think. You’ll have to assemble it yourself though and the box is fairly heavy so bring a friend to help you carry it.

How to Create a Cool Kids Play Corner on a Budget

DOUBLE DUTY  – Use as a bookshelf or a doll house.

Dollhouse bookshelf

Total Budget: Under $80

Emma already had the beanbag and crochet mat, so the total cost of the finished kids play corner would be an incredibly low $76!

Mermaid Tail Blanket $12.99
Kids Scoop Bag $12.99
House Bookcase $49.99

Available as a Special Buy on 14th April 2018 from all ALDI Australia stores, until sold out.

Mermaid tail blanket - play corner idea -

I hope I’ve inspired you to transform an unloved space into a little creative oasis for the kiddo in your life. These affordable items are a great starting point, feel free to add some thrifted finds or handmade items to personalise the space and make it part of your home.

I’m really looking forward to not stepping on Lego everyday. Thanks ALDI!


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