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Emma’s Sushi Sandwiches – A Fun & Healthy Snack

Getting kids to eat what’s good for them isn’t always the easiest job in the world. There’s been times when this mum has had to get creative and ‘hide’ some extra veggies in the spag bol, or call everything ‘chicken’ (when the kid went through the only eating chicken phase). We’ve all been there. If you are having trouble getting…

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polenta cilantro corn muffin

Polenta, Coriander & Corn Muffins

I did a little bit of baking last week, just a few things for Emma’s lunchbox that would freeze well and save me in a tight squeeze. As well as some individual banana cakes, I made some savoury Polenta, Coriander and Corn Muffins that can occasionally replace her favourite vegemite sandwich. The inclusion of polenta makes them a filling snack,…

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Healthy apricot and coconut lunchbox treat

Crunchy Apricot & Coconut Nut-Free Balls

If you are looking for an allergy friendly treat, these Crunchy Apricot & Coconut Balls fit the bill. Pop them on a stick to make them look extra fancy for a party, or just add them to a lunch box as a healthy sweet everyday treat. They freeze really well so you can make a big batch, pop one or…

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