The Countdown to Singapore

There is nothing quite as exciting as counting down the days to an overseas trip, marking off the calendar as the big day approaches will never get old for me. In a couple of weeks Emma and I are taking off to Singapore for a mini adventure. We’ll only be there for four nights, but I’m intending on packing in a whole lot of fun.

Travel to Singapore

It all came about because Emma had a curriculum day in May, I was thinking we could take advantage and go away for a long weekend, but the Mr can’t take any leave till September, not even a weekend, so it was just us girls. A flight offer popped up with Jetstar that was too good to pass up, under $600 return for both of us so I just went ahead and booked. Emma would only miss two days of school and we could spend 5 days in Singapore, amazing!

We spent a three days in Singapore a few years ago and I felt like we didn’t even scratch the surface, it’s really an underrated destination and the perfect place for families to explore. It’s safe, clean, easy and inexpensive to get around, and the food is sooo good. I intend on eating A LOT.

singapore food hall

Emma’s favorite food is Hainanese chicken rice, which is practically Singapore’s national dish, and as you can see from the picture above, she certainly enjoyed plenty of it the last time we were there. With most hawker stalls selling it for around $3.50 we certainly won’t go hungry or blow out the budget either, Chicken and Rice for the WIN!

The Australian dollar and the Singapore dollar are basically 1:1, so there will be no need for complex exchange rate calculations. I mean it just keeps getting better. We had some Singaporean Dollars left over from our last trip, so I don’t even have to worry about ordering currency before we go.

I’m so thrilled to be staying at Hotel Fort Canning, which has generously offered to be our accommodation partner for this trip, it looks like an amazing property and I’ll be sharing a post about our stay there.

Because we are only going for four nights, I’m taking a gamble and only travelling with carry on luggage. It will be the first overseas trip where I haven’t booked a check in bag. My only concern is that my camera gear and laptop are a bit on the heavy side so if I’m in the same outfit for every photo you’ll know why. On the plus side there will be no temptation to go shopping because, no room.

I’m considering writing a packing post, is that something you’d be interested in?

I had to renew my passport because it was only valid for a few more months, and the only thing left on my ‘to do’ list for the trip is getting some travel insurance. I normally don’t leave it till the last minute but I’ve been a bit slack lately. Must do it tomorrow.

Emma is keen to start packing, and who can blame her, it’s going to be pretty awesome. I’m off to bed now, but first I need to mark another day off the calendar *CHECK*


  • Brigitte says:

    I’m VERY envious!!! Have fun. That and Hong Kong are getting higher on my priority list lately although New Zealand is still there as my favourite dream to see. :0)

  • Rachael says:

    I’m trying to plan a holiday with my little ones to Singapore in December so I’m excited to see how you go and what you think of the accomodation !!

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