The Ultimate Summer Gift Guide

Hey you guys! I’m so excited to bring you a very special Christmas Gift Guide that celebrates all that is awesome about Summer. I sometimes feel like all the wintery decorations at this time of year don’t really reflect an Aussie Christmas – we need to embrace our unique Christmas down under!

Summer Fun Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway 2018

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Take a look at all the fab products I’ve curated – perfect for giving and enjoying during the Summer holidays. But wait there’s more!

One very lucky reader is going to win every single item in this Gift Guide and have the best Summer ever!  Details on how to enter at the bottom of the post.

My Poppet’s Ultimate Summer Gift Guide

Summer Fun Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway 2018

1. Bonnie and Neil Teal Ladies L/S Floral Rashie $59.95 from Cancer Council

Australian textile duo Bonnie and Neil has teamed up with Cancer Council to create an exclusive, limited edition range, inspired by the colours and textures of the Great Barrier Reef.
This Ladies Teal L/S Floral Rashie is certified UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun, and the zip front makes it super easy to wear. Choose your size here

2. Bonnie and Neil Beach Umbrella $109.95 from Cancer Council

Bonnie and Neil has teamed up with Cancer Council to create an exclusive retro style, limited edition umbrella. Take it to the beach or use it had home to add a resort vibe to your garden.

3. Vienna Woods Cushion Recliner Chair $99

Hit the beach, pools or a picnic in comfort and style with this super portable chair from Vienna Woods. Choose from a range of designs.

4. Muk Mat 2 Pack $70

What a genius idea designed by an active Aussie couple who were sick of cleaning sand and mud out of the car after an active day. Keep it in the car to clean sand off feet after the beach or clean muddy shoes after the kids sports training. Made right here in Australia.

Summer Fun Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway 2018

5. Funky Play Banana Earrings $29.95 * from Short Story

I’ve gone bananas for these fun earrings. They really a-peel to my quirky sense of style! Grab yourself or a friend a pair before they all (banana) split. I will not appoligise for my banana puns.

6. Bobux Spin sandals $95

Bobux make well designed shoes that are both stylish and good for kids. Choose from their extensive sandal range that will keep your kids feet comfortable all Summer. Sizes range from NB to 33.

7. Safari Floor Cushion $129 by Little Wolff

Walk through the jungle with zebras, cheetahs, eating bananas. This cushion is great for lazing on the floor gazing at the ceiling or imaginative play! Designed in Melbourne with custom digitally printed fabric this cushion will look great in any room in the house.

8. Bling2o Swim Googles (2 pairs) $29.95 * each from Baby Goes Retro

The kids are going to LOVE these. Choose from over 25 unique designs including my favourite, Banana Split Sundae Waffle Cone Goggles! These bling-a-licious swim goggles not only look amazing – they are completely latex and lead free, with anti-fog properties ensuring great vision. Be quick, apparently these are just flying off the shelf for Christmas.

Summer Fun Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway 2018

9. Billibag storage bag $69.95 by Bivouac Kid

Billibag is your go to storage bag for any flotsam and jetsam that needs organising in your house. I’m talking Lego people, you know your kids will get a heap for Christmas, this product is a great solution for keeping it tidy all Summer. You can also take it on a sleep over or on a trip to the beach, anywhere you need to carry a lot of things and be able to find them when you get there. Love the Major Mitchell Cockatoo print.

10. Harry Potter Cluedo Board Game $55 from major retailers

Potterheads are going to flip when they see this new twist on the classic Cluedo boardgame. A friend has seemingly vanished – playing Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Neville, you must try to discover who did it. You even get to travel with floo powder! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

11. Globber My TOO Fix UP Scooter $120

Keep the kids active these summer holidays. This sturdy scooter has an ultra reinforced front structure to take the toughest beating at the skate park. Choose from a range of colours including Green, Red, Plum, Blue, and Pink.

12. Boom Blast Stix * from Moose Toys

Exciting fun for the whole family, this explosive game for those with a gentle touch and nerves of steel! Set the stix and build the stack but make a wrong move and you’ll blow it! We’ve got this at home, and it’s hilarious.

Summer Fun Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway 2018

13. Saltie Soul Luxury Bath & Body Gift Set $54.99

Made in Australia, Saltie Soul combines the finest blend of naturally evaporated sea minerals with real organic fruit extracts, cold-pressed oils, fruit butters, natural minerals and therapeutic grade essential oils, to produce only the finest and most authentic range of products to care for your skin. Time to treat yourself – drop Santa some hints!

14. Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker $79.95

Kids can make their own healthy ice pops in as little as seven minutes with the patented Zoku Quick Pop® Maker! Make striped pops, yogurt pops, or even flavored core pops right on your countertop without electricity. Think of all the money you’ll save on icecream, and the nagging you’ll avoid!

15. Tropic Chiller Iced Tea Gift Set $50 * by T2

Who doesn’t love a refreshing iced tea when the weather heats up. Take this tropical pack with you on your next island adventure and set yourself up for summery sipping!
Contains Limited Edition Cornflower Blue 1.2L Jug-A-Lot, 2 Loose Leaf Tisane Mini Gift Cubes.

16. Australian Native Flowers Porcelain Votive 3 Cup Set $38.85 from Koh Living

These delicate porcelain candle holders illuminate and radiate the magnificent colours inspired by our nation’s favourite native flowers. The perfect gift for any occasion.

I hope I’ve given you some great gift ideas, can you pick a favourite?

Please support the very generous Aussie brands and retailers that have offered up these amazing products by clicking over to their websites and even making a purchase if you like what you see.


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  • A summer Christmas is all about sunshine and swimming, balmy evenings and Christmas day BBQs, seafood and salad. There is so much to love about an Aussie Christmas…. sure, snow is delightful but I much prefer how we celebrate Down Under! PS What an incredible giveaway! Would make summer even more amazing!

  • Damian says:

    I’m so glad I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the magical land of Aus. With plentiful bushlands, beaches, parks and farmland. I have lived in all of these places at Christmas time over the years. Each location is unique and yes sometime they maybe mozzies and flies. But the beauty is they are all wonderful opportunities to explore and enjoy the Aussie outdoors. All that’s needed for an amazing summer Christmas is to get outdoors with family and the laughter and good time will follow!

  • Angela Myers says:

    I love Christmas in summetime. because the kids can get out and try their new surfboards, boogie boards, bikes and skateboards.
    Its so Aussie to slip into your thongs and head to the beach or pool.
    Its great for a weather for bbqs, eating icecream and wedges of watermelon.
    Our family usually powers up the super soakers as well for some friendly fire under in the Aussie sunshine.

  • kate says:

    Christmas in summer is the best because it’s a proper kick of to the holidays… and what better way to make up for all the indulging with some action at the beach! Cinti what an awesome list of prizes – I just got myself my first rashie and it’s so exciting to see adult rashies are finally getting a make over!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas xx

  • Stacey Navarro says:

    I love christmas in summer as we can have a bbq and enjoy the sunshine. Kids and adults can swim in the pool and it’s very relaxed and you don’t feel so stressed.

  • I think Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without all of our amazing in-season summer fruit. Can you imagine a pavlova without summer berries? Or a Christmas without cherries and mango?

  • Kate says:

    What an amazing prize! I absolutely LOVE having Christmas in Summer because it’s warm and perfect weather for the beach. We always pack the freezer with lots of icy poles and the kids just run around in their bathers for weeks on end. It’s wonderful.

  • Jill Walton says:

    Christmas in summer equals pool toys and and school holidays filled with days on end in the pool with the kids from the neighborhood.

  • Melissa K says:

    Wonderful prize!
    All the family’s there,
    having fun keeping cool,
    in the pool.
    Christmas Day the Aussie way,
    by the barbecue. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…

  • Sarah Rivett says:

    Christmas to me means rushing outside in your pjs to play with your new Christmas presents, going for a traditional Christmas morning swim at the beach, eating croissants for breakfast while listening to Christmas songs, getting dressed in your new summer clothes to have a casual relaxed lunch with family, eating cooked chooks from red rooster and salads for Christmas lunch, playing cricket on the street with your cousins, coming home with a full belly after a long day of family fun and hopping into bed looking forward to spending Boxing Day playing with new toys and watching the Boxing Day test on tv. Love, love, love a summer Christmas!!

  • Chloe Jewell says:

    A Summer Christmas conjures up images of my kids dressed in Xmas nighties and boxers racing to open presents in the morning. A banquet of cold meats, seafood, salads and beers for lunch followed by a run under the sprinkler or ride down the slippery dip in the arvo. Perfection!

  • Katrina says:

    My favorite thing about Christmas in Summer is sharing wonderful food and drink with family, giving gifts, lots of love and happiness, followed by a swim in the pool!

  • Kate says:

    My favourite think about a summer Christmas??
    Now I know you can have pavlova at any time of the year, but it’s just not the same if it is not piled high with fresh berries from the garden!

  • Emma Keating says:

    The best thing about a summer Christmas is BBQ’s, swimming in the pool and the Boxing Day Test!!

  • Bec Hope says:

    I love the water balloon fights we have every year! The huge laughs that comes from your boots (or thongs) is the best.

  • Kristy says:

    It’s gotta be the arvo Christmas cricket match or dip at the beach. Oh and Pav, always the pav.

  • Deb says:

    My favourite thing about “Christmas in the Summer” is being grateful that I’m not experiencing “Christmas in the Winter”. Snow and cold are lovely, but not as lovely as jumping in a pool on Christmas Day!

  • Karina says:

    You get to spend Christmas day throwing your siblings and children into the pool!

  • Bee Bowdlert says:

    I love Christmas in summer because all the summer fruit and seafood is at it’s best in summer, which means Christmas dinner is wonderful.

  • Meaghan says:

    Spending the day eating prawns and salad, going to the beach and watching the kids have fun in the water 🙂

  • I LOVE our Christmas in Australia. Everything from warm night walks looking at chrissy lights to sipping iced egg nog by the pool! We are so spoilt here and I couldn’t imagine anywhere else in the world I’d rather spend Christmas with my kiddos!

  • Kylie voigt says:

    When those jacaranda trees pop with there electric purple bloom you know Christmas is on its way. Christmas without sunshine and being outside eating delicious summer foods fresh seafood and pavlova is just not Christmas to me

  • Ryan H says:

    Having come from UK, I love Christmas in summer as it seems to go on so much longer as opposed to the dark short days in UK. It means the kids can go outside and play or go to the beach and make the day far more adventurous.

  • Charlotte B says:

    It means we can make a whole day of fun in the sunshine and have the kids running around enjoying themselves as opposed to lying indoors watching TV.

  • Gabriella H says:

    The sunshine makes everyone smile. The food is fresh, healthy produce. The kids are happy as they can use the pool or hot the beach. Perfect.

  • Sonya says:

    I love being able to play backyard cricket with the kids and then having icypoles to cool down!

  • Mel C says:

    Fave things about Xmas in summer: Carols by candlelight at the Myer music bowl, outdoor bbqs, desserts with summer fruits, ice creams and icy poles.

  • Catherine Moxon says:

    You can never have too much of sunshine and good food. I love indulging on fresh prawns and fancy in-season fruits over Christmas!

  • Melissa Okimoto says:

    What an amazing prize. I love that we can enjoy the sunshine with a family BBQ and a swim in the pool. Its amazing memories.

  • Veronica D says:

    With Christmas in Summer, we can have a hot of cold meal on the special day. kids play in the backyard splashing around. We have our game of cricket whilst drinking some cool refreshments. And can sit under the air conditioner to wind down the lovely summers day.

  • Kenny says:

    Santa on the beach XOXO

  • Deb L says:

    Christmas in Summer is the best, because we can wear things, play cricket and run the slip n slide on Christmas day! Does it get any better than that?!

  • kerry says:

    Christmas in summer, means alot.
    Memories of every year, hot!
    Sprinkler comes out after lunch.
    Everyone jumps in,
    and the water we punch.
    Backyard cricket, the bin the stumps.
    Dad yelling out, frantic, he jumps.
    The dog barking, kids running amok
    Summer christmas, too much turkey
    someone chucks 😀
    Presents to unwrap, neighbour Santa drops by
    Sitting on his lap,
    oh!!! WHY!!!
    My christmas in Summer, to me
    its the best.
    I love Australia, its people
    I feel so blessed.

  • Mon says:

    Eating seafood for Christmas lunch (my favourite!). Enjoying lunch in the garden, and watching the kids play afterwards while we laugh and lounge in the sun. Cooling off after the annual epic backyard cricket match by jumping in the pool. Drinks and dinner on the verandah watching the sunset to the hum of cicadas. Waking up to a lazy day of leftovers and watching someone else playing cricket with the fan on. Does the Northern Hemisphere realise what a raw deal they get freezing their butts off?

  • Lara Daebritz says:

    🌞A Summer’s Christmas 🌞
    Detest those bloody blowflies
    Hate Uncle Mick’s sweaty kiss;
    Dread those sweltering nights;
    BUT Dad’s ice cold beer…pure bliss!
    Resent the hot drive to the inlaws;
    Roasting turkey in searing oven
    Melting desserts disappoint,
    BUT family beach cricket I’m lovin’!!!

  • Michael Prewett says:

    Christmas in Summer is great,
    There is nothing more I hate,
    Than being trapped inside,
    When it’s cold outside.
    Give me the freedom to bbq in the sun, that’s my idea of family fun.

  • Deborah says:

    If christmas was in winter I would miss… summer nights sitting on a porch chatting with my family, citronella candle going, drinking an icy fruit punch and watching the deep pink radiant sunsets on the horizon.

  • Wilbur says:

    Christmas at summer is eating too much food and watching all the kids pick on the oldies with way balloons. Amazing how family people love getting you back from the previous year.

  • Jessie Jackson says:

    Having Christmas in summer is the best beacause of the delicious summer fruits, warm nights, barbecues and beach visits.

  • Laura Power says:

    So much easier getting out and about sorting out everything for Christmas while the sun is shining. Plus I love a big cold Christmas lunch spread with lots of fab salads and sides

  • Cathy M says:

    My favourite thing about a Summer Christmas is our longer days – more daylight hours for play, relaxation, reading, and connecting with those we love. It’s so much easier to wake early, stay up late, siesta and socialise. Such a special time for me and My Poppet.

  • Leah Nolte says:

    A summer Christmas is a feast of treats with family and friends shared with love in the backyard with a cool drink.

  • Renee Thomas says:

    Thongs, Togs, splashing in the Backyard pool! Prawns on the bbq cold drinks, crackin a bon bon! That’s our Aussie summer Christmas!

  • Penny Wiltshire says:

    Sunshine, time at the beach and delicious summer fruits.

  • Nicola Voice says:

    Family fun outside, swimming, BBQ’s, spending time with friends and family!

  • Rowan says:

    (C)ool down in the pool
    (H)olidays, no kids at school
    (R)elatives visit to escape the cold
    (I) chuck a shrimp on the barbie and enjoy a cold XXXX Gold.
    (S)ummer time music tunes
    (T)he kids playing with water balloons
    (M)y favorite pavlova dessert
    (A)nd back to the pool we revert.
    (S)ome like a white Christmas best, but with a hot sandy Christmas we are blessed.

  • Stefanie says:

    Being able to go out for a family walk on Christmas day without freezing to death is a huge bonus.

  • Janet martin says:

    Hitting the beach after a bbq Christmas lunch is the best thing about Christmas in Summer

  • Kate Slack says:

    I grew up with cold/snowy/rainy Christmases in the UK so the best thing for me is being warm outside and being on the beach or in a pool and having Christmas dinner on the Barbecue! My family overseas are always so envious!

  • Renee Ballantyne says:

    not only do we get to enjoy the Christmas, we can also enjoy everything our beautiful country has to offer

  • Bethany Allen says:

    Every Christmas since I was young
    We’ve all gotten up before dawn
    Headed to the beach to watch the rising of the sun
    And eat fresh summer fruits as we yawn
    Friends from the North grimace and groan
    When they hear about our sunny celebrations
    But cold windy Christmases are all they’ve known
    They don’t know how good we’ve got it, us Southern nations
    To bring together family, there’s no better way
    Than to swim in the ocean at the start of the day
    Yes, presents and carols and Saint Nick come after
    But first, salt, sun, sand and joyous summer laughter

  • Kristina says:

    My favourite things are bbq’s with family, swimming at the beach, long warm nights & delicious fruits, especially cherries. 🍒

  • Fi says:

    I love the heat and the beach, swimming, cold yummy drinks, delish fruits, summer foods and that we get to party with great weather, not having to come out of hibernation for Christmas!!

  • Stuart Holm says:

    BBQ lunch, then hitting the pool for the rest of the afternoon

  • Ryan Stuart says:

    Firing up the BBQ and having an ultimate pool noodle show-down!

  • Louise M says:

    No rain on our Summer parade!

  • Penny Wiltshire says:

    After a delicious Christmas lunch the best part of having the summer season is jumping into the pool or heading to the beach for a long and relaxing dip in the water.

  • Jacinta S. says:

    We ACT as though we enjoy the ice and snow, but really us Canberrans can’t wait for Christmas. Our Christmases embrace Australiana as much as our bush capital namesake. Eucalyptus and wattle wreaths hang on doors down our leafy streets and embellish dinner settings, and December 25th is spend taking dips in the icy Murrumbidgee river to escape 30+ degree heat.

  • Elisa Dewhirst says:

    There is nothing more wonderful than an Aussie Christmas. The smell of sun screen mixed with the ocean. Boogie Boards, mosquito bites and annoying flies. Running over the hot sand and diving into the cool ocean. The sound of cicadas as the sun goes down. Long nights of sunshine with day light savings. The sound of the ice cream man driving down your street. Trying to lick up all of the dripping ice cream before it melts away. BBQ’s with friends and family. Some of my favourite memories of an Aussie Christmas

  • Katrina says:

    Long summer days, air conditioning, and fun times with family and friends!!
    plus that forced week off to just chill and recover and spend time with the people you don’t get to see during the year!

  • Joanie O says:

    We get the tree, the stockings, the tinsel and lights.
    We get the pool, the fresh seafood, shimmering sunsets and water fights.
    It’s the best of both worlds, isn’t it, Christmas in Summer?
    The kids are home, workplaces shut down and everyone has the chance to be together, enjoying the sun, the surf, the bush and each other.
    That feeling of giving and joy is exponentially exploded by summer serotonin, what could be more conducive to Christmas cheer?

  • Kyran says:

    Experiencing the true meaning of Christmas with all our family and friends and toasting the New Year in. Doing what we can to help those less fortunate. Loving the explosion of the sounds of the children’s excitement when discovering what Santa has left them !!! Not to mention all the food, wine and chocolate !!!!! Merry Christmas everyone !!

  • Kathy Z says:

    Instead of a snowman, we have a laying down sandman! With extra curves and we can put my kid brother in there too!

  • bec says:

    So many things about living in Australia make Christmas in Summer wonderful.
    The small suburban Carols by Candlelight that take place in parks with dogs and kids running around.
    Making our own slip’n slide, using way too much dishwashing liquid and always, always having at least one person crash into the fence.
    Evening beach visits – with the sun just about set, the smell of fish and chips in the air, and again – lots of dogs and kids running around.

  • Sandie Cornish says:

    What an awesome prize! I absolutely love having Christmas in Summer because the weather is perfect for the beach or relaxing around the pool! x

  • Ange says:

    Best thing about Christmas in the summer is being able to do outdoor activities:
    Walking around a neighbourhood with houses decorated with Christmas lights; Having fish and chips on the beach; Beach/backyard cricket; Staying up with the kids past bedtime; Summer fruit and chocolate(!); Water pistol fights in the backyard; Snow cones; Christmas BBQs; “Carols by Candlelight” in the park; and Summer seafood.

  • Melinda Devine says:

    Best things about Xmas in the summertime, is the salt on your skin after an early morning swim at the beach, the sand in your toes, fresh prawns and the barbie sizzling. Followed by afternoon naps in the hammock on the veranda.

  • Jo says:

    My favourite thing about Christmas in Summer is “Christmas Air”. My children coined this phrase several years ago on the first hot day of Summer. It describes the combination of our old 1970 air conditioner, huffing and puffing it’s crisp, refreshing air through the pine needles of our fresh Christmas tree – the scent is comparable to no other. Truly unique and a loved highlight of an Aussie Summer Christmas at out place!!

  • Alison says:

    Swimming! But really, my favourite thing is that it reminds me of home, it’s what I’ve always known and loved.

  • Claire Sherrah says:

    I personally love that we can spend the time inside with the family or outside at a park, or at the beach, there’s almost nothing you can’t do during summer that we haven’t incorporated into our holiday traditions 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    A swim after lunch on Christmas Day

  • Eva says:

    Every year on Christmas Day I wear a Summer dress with a colour scheme of either red, white or green. Have been doing this for 10 years now thanks to Christmas in Summer:)

  • Laura Mah says:

    There is something relaxing about a summer Christmas, maybe it is the weather, maybe it is Australian culture. But we just hang out, play with our new stuff, eat and relax. Our family have a no stress cooking rule so we make delicious, comforting and easy food so we can spend the day doing what we love and not hanging out at the oven!


  • Carole says:

    Christmas has always been associated with snow and cold back home. When my hubby convinced we should move to his part of the world, I found Christmas in summer to be the weirdest thing ever!
    After a few years, it feels super special to be able to go to the beach on the 25th and play with the kids in a swimsuit. I get my parents on Skype who have minus 2, whereas it’s 30°C here and it motivated them to come spend Christmas with us. Christmas in summer means I can get my family and my in-laws in the same country for the best time of the year !

  • rachel says:

    My favourite thing about a summer Christmas is that we still torture ourselves by roasting meats on 30+ degree days and then sweat it out whilst stuffing ourselves before falling in to a heat exhausted, over indulgent food coma.

  • teresa hogg says:

    having water fights christmas day

  • Ryan F says:

    For me, a summer Christmas means sharing presents, sharing food and time at home with the kids – running under the sprinklers, water balloons and water guns. We get a whole watermelon, chop it in half and grab a spoon and a straw each. Things get messy but life doesn’t get any better than that!

  • Coral Z says:

    Christmas in summer is magical, Christmas Eve is full of family traditions, a walk on a beach or, Carols In the Park, New Summer Pjs and family Christmas Movies. On Christmas Day, you are instantly out of bed, the warm weather entices the excitement as everyone wants to get out and try there new toys, grab themselves a drink and play backward cricket and fire up the BBQ

    Christmas here is all about family, and being outside to enjoy the weather and not taking it for granted even on Christmas Day

  • Brenda says:

    I love the vivid colours of our Summertime Christmas: cherries in the fruit shop, jacaranda in flower, beach towels on the grass at the local pool, warm blue skies, and twirly summer frocks.

  • Jenni Byers says:

    What an awesome gift list!
    My favourite thing about a summer Christmas is the fruit.
    Cherries, cherries, cherries, mangos and stone fruit. We all become fruit bats for Xmas!

  • Karen says:

    Daylight savings allowing for longer evenings spent with family and friends ❤❤❤

  • Marion Matthews says:

    I love Christmas in summer because we can enjoy a bbq and seafood outdoors then a swim after lunch then snooze. 🌤🎅🤶

  • Oshanna Alexander says:

    The magic of watching the sunset at the beach and rise over the hills while the sun ebbs and grows bigger all the time in a cool dress you made yourself, my son under the sprinkler his curls bouncing, his cousins screeching, ice cream and ice blocks so cold your tongue and brain numbs and changes colour at the same time, the window down on the way back from the Christmas parade and light show, running outside in your shortie pj’s first thing in the morning to see if Santa’s reindeers have eaten the carrots, expanding stomachs one for the main meal and one for dessert that goes all afternoon and late into the evening, twilight and lying on your back staring straight up and feel cool but not cold, loved, held and sated beyond the tinsel…they are all tied together with expandable string

  • Tarnia Fedele says:

    I love having Christmas in summer time,
    sipping my icy margarita with lime,
    and looking out at the sea,
    with my family surrounding me,
    Not having to worry about staying warm,
    the hot weather here is the norm,
    bathers, board shorts and more,
    this is the Christmas weather we adore!

  • It’s summer heat, and pesky flies,
    that will not go away,
    It’s grey green leaves of eucalyptus
    that make our Christmas Day…
    It’s perfumed frangipanni
    and poinsettia so bright.
    It’s miles of golden beaches
    and cooler summer nights…
    It’s children riding skateboards
    with squeals of great delight.
    It’s carols by the river
    on a bright and starry night…
    Cold drinks are most important
    lots of Christmas cheer
    Mother likes a shandy
    and Dad, an ice cold beer…
    But whether here in Aussie land
    or anywhere at all
    Good-on-yer-mate, it’s Christmas
    So have a ball!

  • Maria says:

    The beautiful sunny weather! We have a very casual Christmas at a nearby beach. Everyone brings a plate and we can go for a swim before and after lunch or just lie under the shade of a tree and relax.

  • Jason Williams says:

    It’s still rather early on a bright Christmas morn,
    the kids were in their new togs even before dawn,
    it’s a race to open gifts and then “let’s go to the beach”,
    to try their new toys and games, they eagerly beseech.

    The sun’s already shining warm, a perfect summer day,
    in high spirits and with festive cheer, we all go out to play,
    dashing, dancing, prancing, splashing, swimming, floating,
    surfing, paddling, boarding, perhaps even some boating.

    Cricket, footy and volleyball games spread fun across the shore,
    as older generations reminisce of similar Yuletides gone before,
    in the shade or working a tan, we’re happy outdoors together,
    it’s something we couldn’t appreciate in wintry kinds of weather.

    Time for lunch, a delectably extravagant barbecue,
    platefuls of seafood, steaks, skewers, veggies… plus a golden brew,
    then there’s cakes, pavlovas and farm fresh fruits,
    crowning our wonderful summer Christmas attributes.

    Evening comes, back at home, in the yard we unwind and relax,
    sharing with loved ones – we’ve enjoyed it to the max,
    then my most favourite thing: the guitar comes out for festive songs,
    and we sing of a White Christmas while in singlets, shorts and thongs!

  • Catrina Murray says:

    Sitting on the porch in the afternoon warmth, watching the late sunsets or the summer storms float by and reminiscing about childhood memories and the magic of Christmas, making Santa’s arrival full of anticipation and excitement!

  • Jenny Learmond says:

    Christmas in Australia is great as you can have your Christmas day wherever and however you want with the wonderful weather and daylight savings makes it even more fun as you can celebrate for longer outdoors in sunshine.

  • Teena Lewis says:

    Cricket in the park after lunch is a family tradition and enjoyed by everyone, perfect opportunity to have a laugh and wear off some of those calories 🙂

  • Johanna Schobben says:

    My favourite thing about Christmas in summer is spending all of Boxing day at the local pool in my grandpa’s rural country town. Pretty much the whole town shows up and it’s a lovely community day.

  • Michelle says:

    I love the warm weather and its a great excuse to have a BBQ Christmas lunch.

  • Karen L says:

    Christmas in summer,
    Could never be a bummer,
    School is over and done,
    The kids can play and have fun,
    Santa comes throwing lollies from the fire truck,
    The kids in the street can’t believe their luck,
    Mum stays up late wrapping gifts,
    It’s definitely worth it she thinks,
    Day is dawning, it’s hot and sunny,
    Kids unwrap their presents…their faces are so funny,
    A feast awaits us all,
    Of salad and ham and prawns,
    My poppets are in the pool,
    While we sit watching them in the cool,
    Everyone’s hot and tired from the day,
    But I wouldn’t want it any other way,
    It’s our Aussie Christmas bliss,
    And it’s something I’d never want to miss. 😊👍

  • Paula H says:

    There’s nothing better than having time off work over Christmas and enjoying the sun and sand. We have the beach at the end of our street, so the kids don’t hesitate in getting away from their screens & social media to enjoy some fun in the sun. Can’t beat watching the sunset on the foreshore with a wine and a picnic. Happy days 🙂

  • Alan Parratt says:

    Christmas in Summer makes Pavlova and ice-cream taste great,
    We enjoy more daylight time with family and mate,
    So many more activities to enjoy on our slate,
    Let us unite and make every Christmas great.
    No need to get angry and irate.
    Christmas is about appreciating others in our fate. 😉

  • Kel says:

    Waterfights on Christmas day!

  • Jo Donovan says:

    A Summer Christmas means late night BBQ’s or cheese platters without the pressure of school mornings. It means enjoying the beach or river or local parks into the evening. It means family time, outdoors… together! Oh and ice cream – Summer = ice cream!

  • Ainslie Stafford says:

    My favourite thing about a summer Christmas is the tropical fruit! There would always be a mango in my Santa stocking. Mum would joke that Santa must’ve flew the sleigh through a Mango tree and it dropped in with the presents. 😊

  • Julie Duncan says:

    Summer + Christmas = permission to have little afternoon snooze!!! Great when you have had bubbles to drink for breakfast or enjoyed a little too much of the foods that give off those sleep-inducing chemicals!

  • Narelle Dunn says:

    I love being able to spend as much time as possible outside on my holidays, to make up for all the inside-sitting-at-my-desk I’m usually doing.

  • Alison Gorman says:

    Such a wonderful prize.
    Totally impossible to name just one favourite thing, have many favourites… family, christmassy homes, fresh summery fruit, carols by candlelight, santa in thongs, and remembering why we have Christmas.

  • Lesley Olariu says:

    Seafood and tropical fruits at the start of a magical day,
    Then laughter and sunshine as children all play while the lunch is all set and simmering away
    Enjoyed on the deck (or indoors if it rains)
    Followed by pudding in blazing glory
    And afternoon drinks while we all tell tall stories
    Then off to bed as the balmy breeze blows,
    Christmas in Summer is the way to ho, ho, ho!

  • Gia says:

    The summer, and everything that comes with it (the sun, the sea), is like soul therapy for me. To have the festive season coincide with this period is a double win: I feel restored and full of love. Couldn’t ask for a more blessed end to the year!

  • Anthea says:

    Peeling prawns, sucking down a coldie from the esky sitting on the lawn under a beach umbrella with all the slip, slop, slap, slide gear….ha ha no frostbite, snow shovelling or stuck indoors!! Woo hoo “Don’t forget the pav!!”

  • Bella Ri says:

    Christmas in summer means you can splish, splash, splosh! You are able to play fun games with your family outside (meaning you can beat dad at cricket!) or you have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas at the beach (where else can you do that!). The perfect sleep awakened by the footsteps of little ones running to find their gifts, taking a morning dip in the pool, which is completely acceptable and having a beer or two, relaxing near the pool with your loved ones around you. It is truly the best season!

  • Crystal says:

    When the weather is warmer people are just that bit happier which makes for a more enjoyable Christmas all round.

  • Jessica Harrington says:

    The best thing about having Christmas in summer is posting a bunch of Christmas beach barbecues photos on social media to make all my northern hemisphere friends jealous, ha! (I’m an American living in Australia.) My gloating is short-lived though because I live in Melbourne and within a few months we are plunged back into the deep freeze 😉 Thanks for the competition, guys!

  • Elizabeth Macey says:

    I adore so much about Christmas in summer
    from the BBQ gatherings with friends,
    to nights where the sun is still up at ten.
    It’s the pool parties and beach days galore,
    to cricket, swimming, hiking and more.
    It’s an incredibly wonderful time of year,
    made all the better with Christmas cheer.

  • Rebecca Gruenfeld says:

    Free from the need to be rugged up huddled around a fire or playing in the snow, Christmas in summer is the perfect way to spend a comfortable and stress free time with both friends and family. There is no pressure to have a hot meal to warm you up- it is a personal preference if you do rather than a necessity.

  • Adrienne says:

    The best thing about Christmas in summer is continuously stuffing yourself full of delicious food, surrounded by wonderful family and friends, then wandering out to the ‘backyard dam’ and taking a dip to cool back down and refresh yourself. Doesn’t get more summery than that!

  • Jennifer B. says:

    I love our Christmas BBQ for world’s best street,
    Great friends, shared food, new neighbours to meet.
    Then there’s Mum’s champagne and peach gelato: transcendental…
    And summer’s magnificent mangoes. Fundamental!!

  • fiona says:

    Seafood, salad and champagne for the festive table, an afternoon swim to cool off in the pool, Australian Christmases are relaxed and fun because we can celebrate under the summer sun

  • Teresa Wilson says:

    Sing this to the tune of My Favourite Things Julie Andrews

    Sunshine on eucalyptus
    And prawns on the barbie
    Bright coloured clothes and really small bikinis
    Fresh summer fruits cold from the fridge
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Long summer days and lazy arvos
    Beach cricket and tennis
    And ice-cream melting down my face
    Flies that fly and annoy everyone
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Friends and family with smiling faces
    Sunburn that stays on my neck and arms
    Hot summer days that carryon into the night
    These are a few of my favorite things
    When the cold comes
    When the rain pours
    When I’m feeling sad
    I simply remember my favorite things (of Christmas in summer)
    And then I don’t feel so bad

  • Maha Almoussli says:

    we are able to have it on the beach with summer colors and the blue sky!

  • Nathan says:

    The vibes are my favourite thing about having Christmas in Summer. It is always filled with a special warmth, one we feel from the sunny days and one we feel inside from those we are around. It spreads a welcoming air, be it at the beach among the locals or a backyard BBQ among the neighbors, friends and family. Christmas and Summer couldn’t have been timed anymore perfectly to make Australia the best place to spend it.

  • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

    Giveaway now closed – winner will be contacted via email.

  • Bella Ri says:

    Each Christmas in Summer gives you plenty of different opportunities to enjoy! One Christmas at the beach, hearing the waves crush just before Christmas lunch, another outside near the pool, a beer in one hand and tongs flipping meat on the BBQ in the other. You get to wear beautiful dresses and enjoy the nice summer breeze, with the ones you love the most. Playing soccer, beach cricket, tennis, you name it! Cooling down with an ice-cream to finish of an amazing day!

  • As someone who is more used to cool Xmases, it’s a bit odd having a hot one but the best aspect is being able to do more outside and for longer, so xmas feels longer too! No snow or grey.

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