A Simple Meal for Two: Lemon & Thyme Chicken and A Day out at the Sunday Market

Lemon and thyme chicken mypoppet.com.au

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I am not a morning person, especially on Sundays, which is a shame because I do love going to markets on the weekend. Normally I have the best intention of getting up early, but my bed is just too cozy, especially in winter.

But occasionally we manage to drag ourselves out, and this Sunday we headed to one of my favourite local Melbourne suburbs – Oakleigh. If you are a foodie, Oakleigh has lots going for it, but the best things on Sunday morning are:
1. A walk around the Rotary Sunday market to stock up on locally grown produce and flowers, and a rummage through some second hand junk,
2. Crunching on warm baguettes from the French Bakery in Chester st while you’re at it.
I always buy two country style baguettes, one never makes it home, so delicious.

best bread oakleigh

fresh produce market mypopet.com.au

The market is a mixed bag, part flea market, part food. Lots of trash, with some gems if you can find them, plants and cut flower stalls, local and home grown produce from Oakleigh backyards including suburban honey, and an old school food truck or two.

market shopping trolley

lemons mypoppet.com.au

flower market

dogs meeting

shopping trolley with bread and flowers

We bought a big tub of honey and a bag of lemons, and I always treat myself to cut flowers when I go. They are so affordable there, only $12 for 2 big bunches.
The Poppies were so pretty and it was the first time I’d seen the ornamental cabbages at the market so I grabbed a bunch of those too.

arranging flowers poppies


The lemons and crusty bread were destined for a grown up lunch for the Mr and I. This bread is perfect for mopping up saucy dishes, so it was ideal to serve with Maggi’s creamy Just for 2 Lemon & Thyme Chicken.

Maggi meal for 2 thyme and lemon chicken

Only a few ingredients and not too much effort required…
300g chicken breast or thigh, sliced
150ml lite cream
2 cups (40g) baby spinach
Zest of 1 lemon (home grown are best, avoid the wax coated supermarket ones)
Just for 2 Lemon and Thyme Chicken sachet

1. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a frying pan, add chicken, cook for 5 minutes or until browned.
2. Add cream and MAGGI Lemon, Chicken & Thyme Recipe Mix to pan, cook for 15 minutes, or until sauce has thickened. (Best not to over reduce the sauce as it tastes very salty if you do. I only simmered for about 5 min)
3. Add baby spinach and zest, stir though. Serve with steamed rice (or with crusty bread like I have)

thyme and lemon chicken mypoppet.com.au
What do you like o do on a lazy Sunday?

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