Bathroom Renovation – The Final Reveal

Bathroom Renovation - Final reveal -

This post contains affiliate links and some gifted products

Ta Da! It’s the final bathroom reveal that you’ve been so patiently waiting for. I can’t believe it took me this long to get around to taking some nice photos. It was actually completed in October!

But wait no more, I’ve fancied up the bathroom with some lovely styling and gave it a good clean for its internet debut. I hope you like it.

Bathroom vanity with teal tiles -

I was gifted some beautiful products to feature in the photo shoot which really elevated the styling in this room.

I can’t even begin to tell you how pleased I am at having a functioning bathroom, and such a nice one at that. If you need reminding of what the ‘before’ looked like, check out this post. It’s really unrecognizable, and what was once a room I hated spending any time in, is now my little sanctuary. The two months of showering outdoors in the dead of winter almost forgotten.

The vanity is huge and fits everything comfortably, which is great for keeping the counter clutter free.

Bathroom Renovation Reveal -

We decided against fixed towel rails and opted for a leaning towel ladder instead. I didn’t want to drill in to the tiles because I was afraid of damage, and the ladder is much more decorative anyway.

I purchased it from the US Amazon site after looking everywhere locally for a suitable one. The only thing I didn’t like about this one was that the top rung was wooden and stained a colour that clashed with cabinets. An easy fix, I just painted it black and now it’s perfect.

Towel Ladder styling

I promised myself some new towels once the bathroom was finished and opted for a combination of classic white and bold graphic monochrome.

The white towels are organic cotton and kindly gifted by EcoDownunder, an Aussie company that specialises in organic and eco-friendly towels and bedding.

I bought the black and white spotted towels last year from Adairs, they were on sale and now discontinued, but I’ve found a very similar style if you are after the same look.

Organic cotton towels -

I’ve taken some wide-angle shots of the whole room with my GoPro so you can really get a feel of how the space is laid out. But keep in mind that the wide-angle lens makes the room look a lot bigger than it really is.

Just click on the gallery images below to enlarge.

Do you notice that there is a slightly pink tinge to all the photos? That’s because the building next door is red brick and reflects a rosy light through the window at certain times of the day. It’s actually quite nice in real life, but made it hard to colour correct the photos perfectly.

bathroom renovation after -

Our shower is quite open, which I don’t mind because it means less glass to clean. I just squeegee the glass and tiles down after showering and it’s really easy to maintain.

Bathroom vanity with teal tiles -

I’m in love with my little counter display. You don’t need to go overboard with decorating in the bathroom, but it’s always nice to have some lovely hand wash and hand cream to enjoy and treat yourself with every day. These were gifted by Miss Glass Home who imports the Tangent GC range from Sweden.

Bathroom Vanity styling -

This beautiful black Longpi pottery bottle vase is from Zohi Interiors, as is the Cocolux coconut wax candle. Both items gifted.

I love how the matte black surface of the vase echos the matte tiles, and I can’t wait to have a candlelit bath with the Cocolux candle.

Finally, greenery to finish off the whole look – some simple native foliage from my local florist which will last for several weeks if I change the water regularly and trim the stems.

Bathroom vanity with teal tiles -

Flowers purchased from Shady Hill Luxury Flowers St Kilda

And that’s the big reveal. I hope it lived up to all the hype.

I’ve put together a mini mood board of some of the products I’ve featured in the shoot in case you are inspired to makeover your bathroom too.

Bathroom moodboard shopping links -


  1. YAMAZAKI home Leaning Ladder – Amazon (aff)
  2. Ebony Longpi Bottle Vase – Zohi Interiors
  3. Turkish Style Towels – EcoDownunder
  4. Home Republic Saratoga Towels Coal – Adairs (aff)
  5. Cocolux Candle Violet Tabac – Zohi Interiors

If you have any specific questions about the name or suppliers of the fixtures and fittings, just drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you with the relevant information.

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