Bathroom Renovation – Tiles for Miles!

We’re on the home stretch and now that the tiles are in, it’s all finally coming together! Even though our bathroom isn’t large, there was quite a lot of tiling to do, and ‘Graham the Tiler’ was here for about a week and a half working on it. He was a real character with his thick Scottish accent and singing while he worked, I sort of miss his company.

It wasn’t an easy job as most of the walls are not square and a little bit wonkey, but Graham did an amazing job and I’m really pleased with his work. If you are looking for a good tiler in Melbourne, you can contact him here.

Here are some of the photos both before and after the grouting. You’ll notice some of the cabinetry has gone in too.

Before Grouting

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

Apparently the white blotches on the tiles is ceramic dust to prevent them from scratching in transit.

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

I was tempted to use a dark grout on the light grey tiles to show off the stacked tile pattern, but decided against it as it would end up looking too busy.

After Grouting

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

You can really see what a difference grout colour choice does make in the overall look of the tiled finish.

Here’s some photos I took with my Gopro, they are super wide angle so look distorted, but you get to see most of the room in context.

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

Bathroom Renovation - Tiling

What’s next?

The stonemason has measured and taken a template for the vanity top and the top of the bath enclosure – That should be ready next week.

The glass people have been to measure up the shower screen and the mirror for the cabinets. The shower screen will be the last thing to go in before the caulking and then handover. Another 10 days for that. We are putting the toilet roll holder in the shower screen (it’s the only place where it would work), so I had the funny situation of having to pretend to sit on a non-existent toilet so we could get exact measurements for the toilet roll holder. Fingers crossed it will be right because it can’t be changed without making a whole new shower screen.

A new door has been put on already, the carpenter came this morning. I didn’t mind the old one with the window, but the Mr didn’t like it because of privacy, so we’ve put a solid door in.

The plasterers are here now to finish off the ceiling (and the downstairs powder room – which I’ll tell you about later).

Then it’s painting, electrical fit off, plumbing fit off, all of the above and a big final clean!

Maybe in a couple of weeks time I’ll be peeing indoors again. Hooray!

Check out the progress so far:

Bathroom tiles -


  • Priscilla says:

    It all looks so pretty! Nice colour choice on the grout. The window is beautiful! I’m sure you’re thrilled!

  • Joanie O says:

    looking good!

  • Caroline says:

    Hey Cintia, I love your bathroom. We are doing house renovation at the moment and I’m mid choosing everything for the bathrooms. But having trouble with tiles and vanity. Would you please be able to let me know where you got your tiles and the vanity from please?
    I also noticed in your instagram stories (sounding stalky here!) that the cupboards have a little cavity cut out with the power point inside – genius! Did the vanity come with the little bit cut out or did your carpenter do that?
    Thanks so much, Caroline

    • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

      Hi Caroline, We bought our tiles from Perini Tiles in Richmond – But also try LIFESTILES in camberwell, we bought the tiles for our powder room there (I think they have a showroom out west too) which had an amazing selection (and also the same tiles as we bought from Perini).

      It took me months to choose tiles and held up the project for ages!

      The cabinets were co-ordinated by the building company we used, I’ll see if I can find the cabinetmakers details anywhere on the paperwork and get back to you. The bathroom designer suggested the powerpoints in the shaving cabinets and they were designed like that. If you have any other questions just email me directly [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help if I can.

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