Bathroom Renovation – Nearly There!

We’re nearly there you guys! Our portable en-suite is being taken away today because we finally have flushing toilets and a functioning shower. Yay! Still not ready for a big reveal though, it will take a while to really settle into the space properly. I haven’t even decided where my towel rails will go, probably have to purchase some first I suppose.

Since my last update, the ceiling has been plastered and painted, all the electrical is fitted off. Stone and shower screen is in, plumbing fixtures are in and everything has been caulked.

bathroom renovation

This past week has been all about fixing small defects in the paint and grout, as well as some final fit off stuff. We had a stressful situation where I was out and the shower screen got fitted backwards. I mean I leave the house for 2 hours and things go to pot. They came back and fixed it but I wish someone had checked with me, could have saved a few extra hours of work and delays.

My decision to put the toilet roll holder in the shower screen was seen as a bold move by nearly everyone involved in the design stage (most advised me against it). But now that it’s in, after some very careful planning and measuring on my part, everyone agrees it works well.

wall mounted toilet pan

bathroom renovation

The carpenter finally cut the drawers so they can fit in the vanity unit again, and I’m really pleased at how much storage room I’ll have to hide everything away.

drawer cut out bathroom vanity

The plumber fitted off all the fixtures but he’ll have to come back as there is still a little hitch with the water pressure in the bath and hand shower. UGH!

Also painter needs to return to paint over the patched ceiling in our lounge room – then everything will be DONE!

I really can’t wait for everything to be finally completed because I’m sick of being stuck at home all the time waiting for people to maybe come today or tomorrow or not at all. I feel like everything else has been on hold for so long.

But the most important thing is we have indoor running water and tomorrow morning I’ll be brushing my teeth here.

I really feel like we need a proper ribbon cutting ceremony or something to inaugurate this great achievement. Maybe followed by a big bubble bath and a glass of champagne. What think you?

Next bathroom post will be the BIG REVEAL, I’m looking forward to a splashing out on some new towels and fancy products for the styling session. Maybe some plants too. Can’t wait.

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  • Priscilla says:

    The bathroom is looking so pretty! It’s a fun and unique place to put the toilet paper holder; maybe you’ll start a trend.:-)

  • Virginia says:

    Oh my – I have serious bathroom envy. We have moved into a forty year old home with two VERY dated bathrooms. Enjoy your beautiful new bathroom!

    • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

      Still not quite finished, but now happy to be showering indoors. I’m still pinching myself, the 2 months of inconvenience was (almost) totally worth it. We waited 8 years before we could afford the renovation, I’m sure your’s won’t take that long!

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