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educational games for school aged kids

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The classroom can be a very overwhelming environment for many kids, Emma is in grade one now and she is still finding her feet. With lots of new things to learn, social skills to develop and many distractions in a noisy classroom, it’s understandable that many children struggle to really consolidate what is being taught in class just during school hours.

During my last parent-teacher meeting, Emma’s teacher suggested we spend extra time at home playing games that help reinforce some of the numeracy and literacy work that they are doing in class. Emma is the queen of losing focus, and her teacher was worried that she could slip behind without a little extra support.

educational games at Officeworks

I’d been looking for teaching support materials and games that were fun, interactive and would easily complement Emma’s existing classroom activities, so it was serendipitous when Officeworks Fitzroy approached me to share their new exclusive range of specialist educational products.

Rather than shopping on my own, I felt it was important for Emma to help choose the games and materials that she liked the look of. With two dedicated aisles of educational support materials, we certainly had a lot to choose from.

educational games and teaching resources where to buy

I like the idea of  educational games and materials that can be used and played with in several ways to keep things interesting. Here are our picks and several ways to play:

Educational Games for Numeracy

Time Flip Chart

educational time telling chart and clock

Great for learning to tell the time on both a clock face and a digital clock. Emma understands how to read the hour hand, but the minute hand is still a bit tricky. This clock features minutes and also 24 hour clock options.

The colour coded hands correspond with the digital hours and minutes section, so we have been playing match the time. I either set the analogue or digital time, and Emma works out the corresponding match.

how to help kids learn to tell the time

Matching Coins Dominoes

numeracy game, counting money dominos
This visual numeracy game is an excellent way to introduce the concept of money. It can be played like regular dominoes, although Emma needed extra support, and with the addition of real money, there are numerous opportunities to expand play.

Firstly Emma enjoyed identifying and matching the real coins to the ones pictured. Then we played a game where you covered up the coin picture and had to work our how much money you needed to make the number amount. When the picture is uncovered you can see if you got it right or wrong.
games to help kids learn to count and add money

Educational Games for Literacy

Beat the Elephant Bingo

Educational games and learning support recources
Emma’s favourite, this game helps with blending consonant sounds, something she’s been struggling with. It’s a fun interactive game suitable for family play, and the word cards make great storytelling prompts as well.

educational games for school aged kids

educational games for school aged kids

This bingo range from Learning Can Be Fun also comes in a whole series with different literacy and numeracy challenges in each game.

educational games for literacy school aged kids, use flash cards as story prompts

educational games for school aged kids

If you are looking for an excellent range of educational games and materials that focus on pre and primary school needs, with products to help your children strengthen their skills across science, art, numeracy and literacy, Officeworks Fitzroy is the place to go.

Visit Officeworks Fitzroy at 230 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy, 3065


  • Brigitte says:

    Wow, I’m really impressed with these suggestions Cintia. Thank you. My daughter’s in kindy this year but I can already see these being really helpful to her. Such great educational support. I’m so glad you’ve included them here. 🙂

    • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

      Thanks Brigitte, I’m glad you found this post useful. Thank you for all your comments, your support doesn’t go unnoticed.
      x Cintia

      • Brigitte says:

        I only thought about that the other day actually – thinking about the world of bloggers. I just launched my “real” website the other day after about 15 years of have an antiquated temporary one and thought about whether I should add in a blog and it totally daunted me. The idea of, what would I write? What if no one reads it? The usual thing that would go through someones mind. I never thought about all that before. I love the fact that you and others have inspired me with your passions. Thank you. It means more to me now than it ever has as I appreciate it so much more. 🙂

  • Gypsy says:

    This is so cute! We love Officeworks, it’s the IKEA of stationary 🙂

  • Kate Lloyd says:

    Officeworks has so many wonderful educational games for kids. As a primary school teacher and parent I’m amazed at their range and will be my go to place to buy new resources.

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