Nice Nails! Why a Manicure is worth the Investment

polka dot nails
I get a lot of comments on my nails, probably because they are always colourful and look reasonably well kept. Turns out, it’s my ‘thing’.
For some it may be all about their hair or lippy, I like to have nice nails.
It was never started as a conscious thing, I blame my sister for starting me on the nail vanity journey. You see, she made me get mine done for her wedding (I was in the bridal party), and then I was hooked.

Oh, and did I mention they are faux? Yes gels to be exact. My real nails are so thin and brittle, I could literately peel layers off them, ick! So you can understand why I was enamored almost immediately.

But how do you find the time to maintain them, I hear you ask. Well yes, I do have to get them refilled about every 3 weeks (an hour sans toddler, bliss!). It’s my ‘me’ time. I don’t wear make-up or hair product, so I figure I can lash out on the nails every once in a while. My favorite thing is choosing a new colour every time, although I have been quite partial to blue of late. I’ve just started a Pinterest Board for nail inspiration, it’s pretty.

It’s amazing how well manicured nails can give you that extra bit of confidence when you just don’t feel that great. One can’t always guarantee a good hair day, or even managing to pull a good looking outfit together when you are rushing out the door, but my nails I can control, it’s worth the investment for me.

Do you have a beauty or fashion ‘thing’?

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