Picking the Right Carpet for your Home

How to pick the best carpet for your home in 4 easy steps - mypoppet.com.au

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Picking permanent fittings for your home is hard. Decisions like that make me want to hide under my doona and never come out. Paint colours, wallpaper and furnishings are easy enough to replace, but more expensive decor investments like flooring and carpets are not something you can change on a whim.

I still haven’t decided on my bathroom tiles (more on that later), but when Carpet Call read about my home improvement quest, they informed me about a service they provide to take the stress out of picking the right carpet for your home.

I’m not in the market for carpet right now, but I thought I’d investigate it anyway, as some of you may find it helpful. So I set myself a hypothetical challenge to go carpet shopping – if I was to install carpet anywhere in my home it would be in my bedroom.

The best thing I can say about my bedroom is that it’s functional. It houses my bed and my floordrobe (a giant pile of clothes that doesn’t make it to the wardrobe – not pictured), but it’s not really a retreat. Carpet and a few new pieces like a bed head and some soft furnishings would really transform the space and make it feel cozy.

How to choose carpet - Bedroom makeover moodboard

How to Pick Carpet for your Home

Step 1- Head out to the Carpet Call showroom
I visited the Carpet Call show room with no idea of the carpet that would be right for me. There are really hundreds of choices when it comes to price, colour, fibre, and design. Time to narrow down the field with some questions.

Step 2- Answer some questions
After a polite greeting it was time to get to business and answer a ton of questions about how and who uses the room to be carpeted. The answer to these crucial questions helps you narrow down the choices you need to make later.

How to choose the right carpet for your home - mypoppet.com.au

When you are choosing carpet it’s important to consider these questions?

What’s your budget?
Carpets can range from $15 to hundreds of dollars per square metre, at Carpet Call all prices quoted include underlay and fitting.

High traffic or low traffic area?
The sales person can recommend the styles of carpet that will tolerate the wear you expect. eg. flatter loop pile carpet would suit a hallway, but you can get away with a thicker pile in the bedroom.

Kids or pets? What’s the chance of mud or spills?
Got kids that spill stuff? They all do! Maybe choose a darker colour because getting sharpie out of a cream carpet is a real pain in the backside. Pets with claws (especially cats) will pull at loop pile carpets, maybe opt for cut pile in that case.

Do you rearrange your furniture a lot?
Wool fibres tend to bounce back better than synthetics, If you move your couch around a lot, you are less likely to get long lasting marks in your carpet.

Does your floor get direct sunlight?
Some colours and fibres will fade more in direct sunlight than others, Getting advice from the expert at Carpet Call will help make the right choice in this situation.

Choose a low pile carpet that is easy to vacuum. Carpet call also has a Healthy Living underlay option which is dust mite resistant.

What’s your floor made of? Wood or cement slab?
This may impact your underlay choice. Thicker underlay will give you more cushioning and better insulation from the cold.

How to choose the right carpet for your home - picking underlays - mypoppet.com.au

Wow. I really learnt a lot about carpet during my showroom visit.

Step 3 – Choose a few of your favourite styles
Now it’s the fun bit. Choose the styles and colours that you like most. Lay them on the floor (and even over the underlay). Walk on them, kneel on them. Do they feel nice, scratchy, soft and bouncy? I’m a tactile person so it’s really important for me that carpet not only performs well and looks great, but feels nice too.
Pick your top samples, now your are ready for step 4.

Step 4 – Shop at home service
Make an appointment for a Carpet Call team member to visit your home with the samples you’ve chosen. The whole family can see product samples in your own light conditions (night or day) and with your décor. Sometimes samples will look totally different in the showroom to what they do at home.
At this stage once you choose your carpet, your space will be measured up and you’ll be given a quote. So easy!
The Carpet Call Shop at Home service is available throughout most major cities of Australia such as Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. See the website to find your local Carpet Call Stores for more info.

Bedroom Makeover – Which Carpet would I pick?

Here’s a reminder of what my bedroom looks like now.

Bedroom before

It’s a pretty dark room so I wanted a lighter colour to brighten the space. A soft warm grey carpet looks modern and goes with bright colours.
I get dust mite allergies so a low loop pile is my preference.

Grey Carpet - bedroom makeover

I found this gorgeous chunky textured wool loop pile called Marble Hill in a colour called Smoke Haze which is perfect for my room. It has a real mid century vibe that is totally my jam and it inspired a total room makeover inspiration board.

How to chose carpet - Bedroom makeover moodboard - mypoppet.com.au

Now this bedroom I love. Soft grey walls, plush carpet, strong graphic curtains and that green bed! Swoon.

Maybe one day, but first the bathroom…


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