11 Clever Succulent Planting Ideas – No Pots Required

In an effort to add some more life to my outdoor space recently, I’ve been trying my hand at growing some succulents in containers. I’m pretty lucky that I have a ready supply on hand from my parents’ garden.

My dad is a pretty lazy gardener so years ago he replaced all his high maintenance plants with drought tolerant succulents and cacti, every time I visit them I bring home a bag of cuttings and pups.

Now the only problem is, I have more plants than pots. I’m always on the lookout for interesting containers when I go op-shopping, but lately everyone seems to have the same idea and nice plant pots are hard thrift. As always it’s Instagram to the rescue.

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Turns out the succulent growing community on Instagram is enthusiastic, creative and generous with advice and inspiration. I found some clever succulent planting ideas that use interesting alternatives to the traditional plant pot and I thought I’d share them with you too.

I’ve embedded the Instagram photos of these planting ideas so you can go ahead an follow the grammers profiles right here from the blog.

11 Clever Succulent Planting Ideas – No Pots Required

1. Rock Crystal Geode

Wow so pretty. I don’t have any chunks of amethyst hanging around but you could totally do this if you have. Isabelle Cameron teaches plant workshops in Brisbane.

2. Picture Frame

The original vertical garden. This colourful frame was created as a special order for the Good Morning Cactus Etsy store*.

3. Sea Shell

What an adorable spot to nurture little baby succulents. Of course they would grow out of this shell quite quickly, but it’s certainly a much more whimsical succulent nursery than a black plastic pot.


A photo posted by Jen Tao (@jenssuccs) on

4. Old Tins

I have an old tea tin that would be perfect for this. The advantage of tins is that you can punch holes in the bottom for drainage. Containers without drainage holes can’t live outside as the rain just sits inside and rots the roots.

Take a look at the selection of vintage tins on Etsy*.

5. Wreath

This rainbow creation is giving me major succulent envy. I never thought to colour code my plants but it’s certainly on my radar now.


A photo posted by Jen Tao (@jenssuccs) on

6. Tin Lunch Box

This arrangement has the benefit of being portable. Just pack it up and carry it with you wherever a little plant colour is required. Not really! But it’s a fun idea.

7. Tea Pot

Tea pots with lost lids make the perfect containers. Without drainage add a good layer of gravel in the base and keep them in a sheltered location with only occasional watering required.


A photo posted by Silvia (@mylove4plants) on

8. Typewriter

This is definitely the most original use of a typewriter I’ve seen. It’s the hippest of hipster decor tends combined into one adorable offspring.

9. Basket

I actually made an almost identical plant arrangement today with a wire Easter egg basket that Emma received with her chocolate eggs. I painted it black and lined it with coconut husk fiber. Instead of just planting on top I stuck little plants through the mesh in the sides so eventually the whole basket will be covered with succulents. I’ll share a photo when the plants fill out a bit. This one is perfect for outdoor use as it’s got plenty of drainage.

10. Ladle

Such a cute and quirky idea. This would make a terrific gift, who can resist a ladle full of baby succulent love.


A photo posted by Decola Zakka (@decola_zakka) on

11. Birdcage

Antique bird cages are perfect for making hanging succulent planters. Make your own or buy them ready made from WA seller Charming Succulents.

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Bonus Succulent Planting Idea – Propagation Inspiration

If you don’t have a ready supply of free succulents like I do it’s time to get propagating. Lay out the leaves from an existing plant on moist well drained soil and in a few months little baby plants will shoot up from each leaf base. Only a bit of patience required.


A photo posted by Jen Tao (@jenssuccs) on

I’ve started on my propagation attempts, if all goes well I’ll be needing so many more containers to plant my succulent babies in.

Are you inspired to try growing succulents?

Here are more ‘No Pot’ planting ideas you may like to try:

Updated March 2019. Original post published April 2016


  • Brigitte says:

    Oh my goodness, there really are some clever ideas here! I’ve been absolutely blown away by my garden this year. It’s the most flourishing it’s been since I bought the property and that’s been 10 years. I’m hoping that means that the rest of my life is flourishing as well. 🙂 Last year I re-planted some branches of succulents that got broken off the main plants (through balls or children landing on them) and they’re absolutely flourishing too. I’ve got a succulent growing in a massive white shell and it looks stunning at the moment and just about to flower long stems of yellow flowers. It’s going to look stunning!!! Next Autumn I’ll have to plant some out into some of the drier areas in my front garden so by next Spring they’ll be flourishing too. There’s a lovely succulent out there at the moment that looks quite straggly in Winter but it’s just blossomed the most beautiful orange flowers. I’ll certainly have to propagate those ones!! Btw, I do hope you recover from the Dengue fever VERY quickly!!! That must be so debilitating!!

  • So many succulent colors. Now I want to start growing my own succulents, and hang them around the gazebo.

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