How to Make a Kokedama Hanging Plant

How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant

If you’ve fallen for the growing indoor plant trend, here is a fun little project that will add even more greenery to your home – How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant. “What’s a Kokedama?” you ask. Good question. Kokedama literally translates to ‘moss ball’ in Japanese, it’s an alternative way to grow indoor or outdoor plants without a pot.

They are very easy to make with only a few basic supplies, and make fantastic gifts for friends or family. Choose brightly coloured string for a modern vibe, or go for twine if you are after a more natural look. Personalise the Kokedama by adding a little ceramic or metal tag with a special message.

You will need:

  • Bush moss
  • Plastic craft cord in assorted colours or strong cotton twine
  • Small pot plant with a compact root system
  • Scissors

How to Make a Kokedama:

How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant - supplies required

Gather your supplies. Bush moss can be purchased at florists or garden centers. Choose any plant in a small pot with a compact root system, succulents do well if you intend on hanging your Kokedama in a sunny spot. Cut plastic cord into 6 x 1m lengths.

How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant

Lay the moss flat with green side down. Remove plant from container and place centrally in moss.

How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant

Firmly wrap moss around plant roots and secure with one strand of cord. Tie off.

How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant

Keep wrapping with cords in a random fashion and tie securely. Squish the moss to create a rounded shape.

How to make a Kokedama Hanging Plant

Trim any long ends and tie on a cord as a hanger.

All done!

To maintain, sit in a tub of water for a few minutes once a week and squeeze out excess moisture.

I forgot to water this one last summer and we lost this floral plant, but I’ve since replaced it with a succulent and it’s doing really well without much attention at all.

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  • Eileen Almeida says:

    Thanks for teaching how to make a moss pot. I was visiting my daughter this past Christmas in Newcastle and saw these at all the markets. I bought one for her and I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how they were made, but couldn’t. I even thought about smuggling one home to the USA with me. I will be trying to make them and will send a photo if I am successful. Have a great Spring!

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