Taco ’bout Fun! 8 Tasty Taco Craft Ideas

Taco ’bout fun! The only thing I like better than a good taco pun are tasty taco craft ideas.

8 fun to make Taco DIY craft ideas mypoppet.com.au

I thought it would be fun to round up the cutest taco craft projects from around the web, to celebrate my latest crafty contribution to the Frankie Magazine website. I call it the Taco-chief, but it’s more like an extra special pocket square to jazz up a sad looking shirt or jacket.

I was inspired to make it after I noticed how much like lace, those frilly lettuce leaves look, when they stick out of a taco. And what has lace on it? Well a hankie of course! It was a logical progression to pocket taco handkerchief – The Taco-chief.

Here are 8 Crafty Taco DIY Projects to Make

taco craft

Taco craft ideas to help you get organised

taco craft

Taco craft ideas to spice up an outfit

taco craft ideas

Taco craft ideas for festive occasions


Cute DIY Soft shelled tacos

If you are starting to feel a bit peckish after all this taco ’bout tacos, try my delicious Fish Taco with Pineapple Salsa recipe over on My Poppet LIVING.

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