15 Salad Dressing Recipes for Next Level Salads!

Are you ready to take your salads to the next level? Well, this collection of delicious, and easy to make salad dressing recipes are sure to make your next salad a flavour sensation!

best salad dressig recipes roundup

Salads are so quick to prepare, but even if you change up the ingredients, they can get a little boring after a while if you are using the same old dressing on everything.

Now’s the time to break your lazy salad dressing habit with some of these zesty, tangy and creamy salad dressing recipes.

Whether your after a healthy alternative to your favourite Caesar Salad dressing recipe, want a twist on the the classics like Italian dressing or Greek salad dressing, or are keen to try something totally new.

I’ve rounded them all up in this easy reference guide that you can pick and choose from depending on what’s for dinner.

strawberry salad in bowl - Salad dressing recipes

Photo by Dovile Ramoskaite on Unsplash

Don’t limit these salad dressing to just topping leafy greens. Try them on steamed or roasted veg, drizzle over grilled meats, toss through warm pasta, or use them as a dip for a crudités platter.

Get some salad inspiration from this collection of 12 Delicious Salad Recipes, and mix and match with some of these salad dressings, for endless taste bud tantalizing variety.

15 Tasty Salad Dressing Recipes

Jazz up your salad repertoire with these tasty alternatives to store bought salad dressing. Try them on leafy greens, roasted veg, or even as marinades. There's really no end to how you can enjoy this variety of salad dressing recipes.

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