A #LittleAdventure – Vintage Prams, Cookies & Castles

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to have an adventure. Emma and I often find ourselves exploring our neighborhood on a lazy Saturday morning with no real agenda apart from grabbing a bite to eat and maybe a visit to the local post office. Today we headed off with Teddy and a colourful vintage pram that we found a few weeks ago abandoned on the side of the road.

vintage pram 2

FOUND – Abandoned vintage toy pram in need of TLC.

60's toy vintage pram

Can you believe that anyone would throw out such a gorgeous toy away? When we found it it was pretty grotty, filled with rubbish (including a bowling ball), but I pride myself on unearthing treasures, and this one was truly a diamond in the rough.

Armed with a bucket full of soapy water and a cleaning brush, Emma did a great job of scrubbing it down and bringing it back to life.

We set off on our #littleadventure – Emma on an adventure with her teddy and pram, and me with my phone in hand on an adventure to capture a story, turning an ordinary day into a magical memory.

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken photos just for fun, usually my photography is utilitarian, steps for a tutorial, food photos for a cafe review, but rarely (lately) to capture a moment in time.

My friend Rachel recently introduced me to Steller, an app that helps you create mini magazines, and it’s just the prefect tool to help me exercise my visual storytelling muscles.

child with teddy mypoppet.com.au


Below is my Steller story about vintage prams, cookies and castles, I hope you enjoy our #littleadventure

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