Arabian Desert Safari: A Dream Come True

Vintage Land Rover sunset safari dubai

When the Dubai Tourism team told me we were going to Dubai, the first vision that came into my mind was the sun setting over the Arabian Desert, I’m just a hopeless romantic and a dreamer.

My dream of walking on the warm desert sands has come true yesterday when we were whisked off by Platinum Heritage to experience their Heritage Dinner Safari.

This was the Crème de la Crème of desert safari tours, and is unique in Dubai. It’s like stepping back in time and experiencing Dubai as it was 50 years ago. No ordinary cars for us, we were driven over the desert dunes on a stunning journey in a museum quality vintage Land Rover.

These vehicles were extensively used in the 1950s and since then have become part of the UAE history. The cars were beautiful and the ride exhilarating to say the least.

Vintage Land Rover sunset safari dubai

We arrived at a beautiful location within the pristine Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where we were greeted with sparkling date juice and seated on Persian rugs to watch a falconry demonstration whilst the sun was setting. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of this place, the intense colours and vastness of the sky that was never ending, the soft desert sand between my toes – it was amazing.

first class safari tour dubai

first class safari tour dubai arabian desert

The falcon handler was extremely knowledgeable and spoke about the place of the falcon in traditional Bedouin culture and how he trains and looks after his own birds. When the display was over we each had a chance to hold Insect (that was the falcon’s name), it was a very beautiful moment.

first class safari tour dubai arabian desert - falcon display at sunset

first class safari tour dubai arabian desert - falcon display at sunset

Vintage Land Rover sunset safari dubai arabian desert

When the sun had set we all piled back into the vintage Land Rovers and were driven to the Bedouin camp modeled after a royal desert retreat. We were warmly greeted with some cardamom spiced coffee and treated like kings and queens.

Bedouin campsite in Dubai desert

Bedouin campsite in Dubai desert

The food was so delicious and there was so much of it, (but sadly it was too dark for photos). There was music and dancing and a lady creating mini works of art with henna. For those so inclined, there was the opportunity to try an aromatic ‘shisha’ pipe, but the highlight for me was camel riding.

Bedouin henna painting

If you’ve ever ridden a camel you will know that there is no elegant way to get on one. The trick to not falling off whilst it stands and kneels is to lean back and just hold on! Watching everyone was hilarious and as you can see from my photo, it was a hoot!

Camel ride luxury desert safari dubai

This was truly one night in my life that I will never forget, and a ‘must do’ experience if you are ever in Dubai. The memories are priceless.

“This post was brought to you in collaboration with Dubai Tourism. I was an invited guest of Platinum Heritage with an obligation to share my experiences in exchange for the opportunity. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own”

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