Cool & Colourful Baby Shower Ideas for Modern Mums-to-be

Looking for Modern Baby Shower ideas? I’ve got you covered with this showcase of gorgeous baby shower themes that is perfect for the modern mama.

I never had a baby shower before Emma was born because we moved house about two weeks before she was due. As you can imagine, it wasn’t very high on the priority list, I had boxes to unpack and minor renovations to supervise before her imminent arrival.

But if I had the chance again (which isn’t happening, this womb is closed for business), I’d fancy something cool and colourful.

Cool & Colourful Baby Shower Ideas for Thoroughly Modern Mums-to-be ( + giveaway)

Forget the pastels, mums will see enough pink or baby blue once the bub arrives, think bold graphic patterns, vivid saturated colours, ethnic vibes or midcentury cool. Here are some Baby Shower Ideas that will suit any thoroughly modern mum-to-be.

Black & White Stripes with Pops of Colour


image credit 100 Layer Cakelet


Geometric baby shower

image via Jenny Cookies

geometric cake

Image via Jenny Cookies

Geometric baby shower

Etsy store After February


Palm Springs Mid Century Cool

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  • Mim says:

    What beautiful ideas! If I was planning a baby shower, I’d love a theme like this. PS my womb is also firmly and definitely CLOSED too! Mim x

  • Cindy J. Coffey says:

    So sweet! Great ideas for all parents who wanna hold a baby shower. Love reading every post! Thanks so much!

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