Counting down the sleeps – Dubai, here I come!

It’s less than a week before I head off to Dubai. I really can’t believe how quickly it’s sneaked up on me. I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes creating plenty of crafty Christmas content to schedule whilst I’m away so you don’t miss out on your weekly craft fix, and getting all my ducks in a row before I leave so I can focus on reporting all the amazing experiences that Dubai has to offer.

As you can imagine, there has been plenty of daydreaming going on about what adventures await us. Initially I thought a week in Dubai would be too long, but I’ve been doing lots of research and have just been blown away with all the attractions on offer that I think we will struggle to fit everything in!

I just need to work out what to pack, but that’s a whole other story.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the contrast between traditional Dubai and it’s shiny new persona, as well as having some good old-fashioned FUN!
Here are some experiences that I’m really looking forward to:


Sundowner Desert Safari
Of course, one of the experiences on the top of my list is a Sundowner Desert Safari, where we can watch the sun go down over the desert dunes, maybe get to ride a camel (I’m so excited to do this) and enjoy a traditional meal at a desert camp. I’m not sure about the 4×4 dune bashing yet as I get a little car sick, but I’m sure it will be fine and probably really fun.

Dubai Creek and Souqs
Markets are always my favourite place to visit wherever I travel because it gives you an insight into how the locals live. When I imagine a classic Arabian scene it’s always at a spice market or sailing an Abra into the sunset. I’m a bit clichéd like that.

I love Middle Eastern food so I’m curious to see how Emirati food compares. I’m sure it is delicious and I’ll come back several kilos heavier and happier. We will be having a traditional Emirati meal at Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which I am really looking forward to.


Burj Khalifa
Any visit to Dubai would not be complete without a long elevator ride to the top of the tallest building on Earth! Apparently at some times of the year it towers above the clouds and the view is quite a spectacle, just white clouds with tops of skyscrapers popping through. Amazing!

Swanky Hotels
This is a purely selfish one. Yes, I can’t wait to have a huge hotel bed all to myself for a whole week without getting nagged for breakfast in the morning and woken up by a 5.30 am alarm clock every day (the Mr wakes up really early). I can’t wait to share my hotel stay with you. It has an amazing pool, which is where you will find me if we have any down time.


Atlantis Aquaventure
I’m really a big kid at heart, so when I was told about the trip to Dubai the first thing that jumped into my mind (even before the camels) was WATER SLIDES! Crazy 100-feet tall water slides that shoot you into a tunnel through a shark filled tank! I’ll be screaming my lungs out all the way down and laughing my head off with relief at the end. Whoever came up with this insane James Bond villainesque shark tank craziness is a genius. Of course there are other tamer rides, but all of them exciting. I can’t wait!

So I’d better get back to packing, so much to do, so little time.

My Poppet traveled and stayed in Dubai as a guest of Dubai Tourism

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