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Cool Cactus plant store Armadale Melbourne -

It’s obvious I don’t get out much lately because it took me all of 18 months to discover Cool Cactus, a very stylish indoor plant and gift store which is practically on my doorstep! I came across this verdant shop when on a mission to buy paper napkins! Parking on Glenferrie road was not to be found that particular day so I took a turn down a street I never usually travel and there it was, this most amazing cactus mural.

How cool it that!

Even though I was in a rush, I popped my head in at told the that owner, Naomi Burd, that I’d be returning with my camera, because Cool Cactus needed to be featured as part of the Melbourne’s Hidden Retail Gems series. It meets all the criteria, awesome indie store, not on a main road, totally stumbled across by accident that everyone should know about and visit.

cool cactus plant shop melbourne

Cool Cactus - plant gift shop armadale

As the name suggests, Naomi’s shop specialises in cacti and cactus themed gifts, but you’ll also find a good selection of easy to care for indoor plants that you may not have seen at regular nurseries. After the perfect pot or basket to match your new plant baby? Naomi has got you covered with a range of styles to suit your decor.

If you are looking for a special gift, Cool Cactus stocks an ever-changing collection of ceramic vessels and art pieces, as well as textiles and mobiles designed and made by local and international artists. Of course tasteful gift wrapping is included, and all cactus plants are safely packed for transportation.

The north facing storefront was a smart move on Naomi’s part because the sunshiny aspect gives it a greenhouse feel, that I’m sure the sun-loving plants revel in. On sunny winter afternoons the sun sits low in the sky streaming right though the shop window casting beautiful silhouettes against the white washed walls of the store. The light refracted through a collection of quartz crystals creates mini rainbows that were hard to capture on camera, but were enchanting in real life.

Next time you find yourself driving up Glenferrie road Malvern, go and seek out Cool Cactus, you’ll be glad you did.

This business in no longer trading

cool cactus plant store review shopping melbourne

cool cactus gift shop plants armadale melbourne

wall tapestry cool cactus

wire art vessels - cool cactus armadale

string of pearls plant

Giraffe statue - cool cactus plant store melbourne

cactus plants

Cool Cactus store sign

Cool Cactus - Melbourne Hidden Retail Gems -

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