My Brilliant Road Trip Escape…

Car with blue sky and clouds
Wow, it’s amazing how one brilliant weekend can re-light a spark that was almost forgotten. The tedium of my normal routine was making me a little glum, Emma is going through a challenging age, so you can’t blame a girl for wanting to escape for a few days. Thanks to Hyundai’s #BrilliantRoadTrip, my sister and I threw caution to the wind, left the dirty dishes in the sink (they were still there when I got back) and just had fun! We giggled, played dress ups, picked cherries and spat out the pips, sang loudly and badly, ate uninterrupted by toddlers (I Know!), enjoyed quiet moments and were blown away by nature’s beauty. All in all, it was pretty sweet!
Here was my vintage road trip inspiration, I’ve continued on with my little family’s photo tradition.

I’ve created a little Brilliant Road Trip film that captured our mood, I hope you enjoy it…

Read on for the highlights and more beautiful images from our trip…

Cherry farm Cherries red green
I highly recommend a visit to the Red Hill Cherry farm, the setting was beautifully tranquil and the cherries tasted delicious.
Vintage clothes shop pink slippers
We spent all morning scouring the rack at The Vintage Emporium in Tyabb, I’d heard so many good things about it from friends and I wasn’t disappointed.
Ballarat royal hotel vintage makover mod
We stayed at Craig’s Royal Hotel in Ballarat and I wanted to recreate the grandeur of ‘Grand Tours’ of old where ladies dressed for dinner. Thanks to Candice we were totally transformed into visions of grace and beauty. Janet totally rocked the 50’s starlet look.
Gingerbread house elephant vintage Chritmas
Ballarat is a ‘goldmine’ of vintage goodness. Cake Bakeshop on Main st is surrounded by vintage and antique stores so it was the perfect place to grab an afternoon tea cupcake.
Lighthouse picnic pink flowers
And we finished our journey at the top of a lighthouse taking in the stunning coastal scenery of the Great Ocean Road.
When I told Janet about the trip initially she said,”Just like Thelma and Louise, only we won’t drive off a cliff”, so in the true spirit of Thelma and Louise, I’d also planned a tandem Paragliding experience, but due to bad weather conditions my cliff jumping finale was thwarted! I’ll do it eventually, and will share it when I do!

Where would you escape to on a Brilliant road trip?

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