Real Ruby Chocolate + Churros – An Immersive Tasting Experience

What’s your favourite type of chocolate? White, Milk or Dark? Well now there is a brand new variety to enjoy – Ruby Chocolate.

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

Created by Belgian-Swiss cocoa company Barry Callebaut, Ruby chocolate was first unveiled to the world last year in Shanghai and is the is the newest chocolate discovery in more than 80 years.

The Ruby chocolate’s very ‘on-trend’ pink colour is not created with additives or dyes, it’s natural and derived from the Ruby cocoa bean grown in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. How exotic!

You won’t find Ruby chocolate on the supermarket shelf just yet, it’s a very exclusive product only just available in Japan, Korea, the U.K., and now here in Australia.

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

Emma and I were very lucky to be invited by San Churro to try this most rarest of chocolates, and experience a preview of the Real Ruby Chocolate Experience.

San Churro is the first Australian retailer to launch Ruby nationwide, and on September 10th, will be launching new menu items featuring Real Ruby Chocolate as well as a limited-edition immersive Ruby chocolate tasting experience.

As a lover of both churros and chocolate, I couldn’t turn this opportunity down. Emma of course insisted on accompanying me, because chocolate!

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

Emma could barely keep her hands off the chocolate so I gave her the task of photographing it instead!

The first thing you notice about Ruby chocolate is its soft pink colour which is very pretty, and dare I say, very Instagrammable!

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

Of course it had to be paired with pink bubbles, and a sparkling rosé was the perfect way to kick off the evening. Emma was well catered for with a sparkling rosewater instead.

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

As the churros were dipped in melted Real Ruby chocolate, we were seated to begin our one-hour Real Ruby Chocolate Experience.

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

I couldn’t help but feel I’d won a Willy Wonka golden ticket (or rather a ‘Ruby Ticket’) as the chocolate tasting experience was about to commence.  In two parts, the first is an audio narration via headphones, where you are walked through the ages of chocolate history, and educated on the subtle tasting notes of each chocolate variety.

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

The tasting starts with the mildest chocolate – white, and then works all the way through to dark, with a palate cleansing sip of water between each variety.

It’s interesting to note that white chocolate actually contains no cocoa at all, and Ruby chocolate contains 47% cocoa, which is more than milk chocolate at 36%.

What does Ruby Chocolate Taste like?

Ruby Chocolate tastes similar to very good quality white chocolate but with a tangy raspberry flavour that lingers long after the sweet creamy notes have subsided. It’s quite sweet without the bitterness of darker cocoa, but the soft acidic note that comes towards the end is pleasant and helps counter the richness. It pairs well with flavours like raspberry, passionfruit and coconut.

After the couverture chocolate tasting, it was time to indulge in part two of the experience with the ultimate Churro dessert. Presented dramatically in a cloud of berry scented mist, there was lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from all the guests.

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

On each plate there were two Spanish churros hand-dipped in 47% Ruby chocolate, topped with freeze-dried raspberries and fresh strawberries on a bed of toasted meringue, Oreo soil and, raspberry and white chocolate ice cream. So sweet but so good! Emma loved it!

I gobbled up all the gooey marshmallow, ice-cream and a churro before my sugar levels peaked! The staff were nice enough to pack up the leftover churros in a take home box to enjoy later.

Real Ruby Chocolate San Churro Event -

San Churro’s Real Ruby Chocolate Experience is a ticketed event ($35 pp + booking fee) and bookings are now available –

A family friendly food experience, but I’d recommend it for junior foodies 8-10 and over. Headphones and a smart phone are required for the audio component.

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My Poppet attended this event as a guest of San Churro and Eleven PR

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