And it begins! Bathroom Renovation – Day 1

The day has finally arrived! Our bathroom renovation is well and truly underway.

bathroom renovation

Today the demolition crew arrived and have swiftly ripped out all of the old fixtures, chiselled off most of the tiles and are currently jack hammering out the concrete screed floor.

bathroom renovation

Demolition progress at lunchtime

I’m actually outside typing this because the noise in the house is so loud from the jackhammer that my brain is rattling.

The rubbish skip is almost full, they’ll have to have another delivered for all of the concrete debris.

bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation

Demolition progress at the end of Day 1

I was planning on doing a weekly update, but so much has changed in one day that I thought it would warrant a quick post.

On Saturday our temporary bathroom was delivered. It’s a little self-contained toilet and shower ensuite unit on wheels. The Mr did a ton of research to find the best solution for us, and it took a lot of ringing around to find a portable toilet hire company that had ones small enough to fit through our back gate. Ours is from Wheelie Bathrooms (not sponsored) and costs about $250 per week.

portable bathroom

Even though we’ll now have to go outside to shower and do our business, it’s really not as bad as I’d imagined.

The unit is connected to water and power, and has an inbuilt water heater. The toilet uses a macerating pump which is connected straight into the sewer, so no chemical toilet emptying. Yay! It even has a mini space heater inside which will help with the cold mornings.

portable ensuite

Here’s a mini tour:

We’d planned to have this renovation start in Summer but sometimes things just don’t work out as expected, so it was now or never.

I spent all of last night emptying out the old bathroom and chucking out a ton of old products and expired medicine. It still left me with 2 big boxes of stuff that I’ll probably Konmari again before it goes back into the new bathroom.  I’ve banned the Mr from buying anymore hair wax, I think I found about opened 4 jars stashed away.

If you haven’t seen them already, here are the bathroom before photos.

I’ll try an post the plans and finishes for the new bathroom design later this week.


  • Brigitte says:

    Jack hammers … That brings me back to the days when I was 9 months pregnant (five years ago), going into labour and I asked the tile removers let me know when they were going to start the jackhammer … They didn’t and consequently I started going into labour even more as I got the shock of my life while sitting in the lounge room “breathing through it” and suddenly an almighty sound blasting out!!! I was having my kitchen renovated so went into labour a week earlier than expected. The kitchen went in the first morning I was in hospital with babe in arms!!! LOL! 🙂

    • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

      Oh my! Luckily I’m not ‘in the family way’ so no risk of going into labour. What a crazy week that must have been for you! An new baby and a new kitchen on the same day.

  • Priscilla says:

    If a portable potty can be cute, THAT’s it. I had no idea such temporary bathrooms existed. With the demo your bathroom is a little scary, I’m sure, but I’m also sure it’s going to be beautiful when done.:-)
    I had to laugh at Brigitte’s comment. I think a jack hammer would make any pregnant woman go into labour!

    • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

      Yes, it sort of makes the mess more bearable, although I’ll just have to hold it at night because I don’t fancy heading out in the cold. Must give the Mr credit, he really searched high and low for the best solution.

    • Brigitte says:

      It sure is an amazing solution (the portable potty – not the jack hammer! Ha ha!) … Especially during Winter!!! Yep, it certainly gave me a huge fright when the jack hammer started up with no warning Priscilla!!!! Crazy times!!! Thank goodness my sis turning her abode into a hotel for me. Let’s hope I can help her out in the same way when it’s her turn. Yes, think yourself lucky you’re not 9 months pregnant Cintia.

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