Frank & Ginger, Caulfield North

Cafe review Frank & Ginger Caulfield North
It’s always exciting when I discover a new cafe has opened up in my hood, Caulfield has a bit of an unadventurous personality as far as suburbs go, so you’d think that the arrival of Frank & Ginger almost a year ago would have registered on my cafe radar.
But I’ve been driving past Frank & Ginger for a whole year without even noticing it was there, which leads me to the following conclusion: this place needs better signage and/or I need to get my eyes checked. I would have still been oblivious to this trendy little place if a friend hadn’t mentioned it.
Cafe review Frank & Ginger Caulfield North
And I’m glad she did. Frank & Ginger is bright and cheerful, with simple scandi inspired decor and interesting menu options.
Emma and I headed in this past Sunday morning for a late breakfast. It’s very small inside, seating only about 20, but we didn’t have to wait as a couple of tables were leaving as we arrived. There is plenty of seating outside which was nearly fully occupied with locals soaking up the glorious autumn sunshine.
Cafe review Frank & Ginger Caulfield North
I ordered an English Breakfast tea that was pleasingly of the loose leaf variety served in a tea pot for one. The tea was made all the more enjoyable by the choice of cup and saucer, a simple shallow white cup that allow you enjoy the colour of the tea. Just like all you crema obsessed coffee drinkers, I take my tea seriously too. No milk or sugar, just tea.
In Melbourne’s coffee obsessed cafes I feel tea drinkers are often forgotten, my pet peeve is ordering tea and receiving a tea bag (cue exploding head), so it’s refreshing to find a local cafe that does tea well.

Cafe review Frank & Ginger Caulfield North

Daily Brunch Special, House made waffles with espresso creme fraiche, fresh figs and toasted hazelnuts. $16

I didn’t really peruse the menu as I immediately opted for the day’s special which was House made waffles with espresso creme fraiche, fresh figs and toasted hazelnuts. She had me at ‘fresh figs’. It was beautifully presented and tasted just as good, the highlight being the espresso creme fraiche, with just the right combo of bitter and sour to cut through the sweet waffles.
waffles and tea for brunch
Emma ordered ‘Tiger toast’ which sounded much more interesting on the menu than when it arrived. Essentially grilled cheese on Vegemite toast, which for $7 I thought was a little disappointing. My only complaint would be the lack of interesting kids menu items as both options were a variants of $7 cheese on toast. Adding some egg based options would be great, although I didn’t ask if they do half serving of the regular menu for kids.
Frank and ginger caulfield north

Left: Selection of sandwiches in display. Right: Kids option ‘ tiger toast’ $7

They also have a daily selection of sandwiches, cakes and baguettes for lighter bites.
Frank & Ginger Caulfield North
I’ll be back to try the rest of the menu and to enjoy a good cup of tea.

Family friendly?
Yes but it’s a pretty tight squeeze so be prepared to sit outside if you have a pram.
Limited kids menu options.

Frank & Ginger
101 Orrong Crescent
Caulfield North 3161

Weekdays 7AM – 4PM
Sat & Sun 8AM – 4PM

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