Get your Cosplay ready! Oz Comic-Con is returning to Melbourne

As the first Oz Comic-Con of the year approaches this coming long weekend in Melbourne (June 8th-9th), it’s just dawned on me that I have less than 10 days to get Emma’s cosplay ready for the big event. There’s been discussion and planning since her birthday in April about who she is going as, (I refuse to discuss the topic any earlier than post birthday celebrations).

I have a double weekend pass to giveaway to one lucky reader, so keep reading for your chance to enter.

cosplay sewing station at Oz Comic Con 2018

Get your sew on! Lots to learn about making Cosplay at OZCC – image supplied

I’ve got a serious week of cosplay preparations ahead of me, but for dedicated fans of Cosplay like Paige Fergus AKA Canary of Melbourne, getting ready for Oz Comic-Con isn’t a last-minute endeavor. In fact ‘cosplanning’ starts in January.

Paige Fergus AKA Canary of Melbourne

Paige Fergus as Supergirl – image supplied

I had a chat with Paige about her Cosplay and Oz Comic-Con journey, and she had some great tips for getting through the weekend without flagging.

Interview with Melbourne Cosplayer Paige Fergus – Canary of Melbourne

How long have you been into cosplay?
I’ve been cosplaying since 2014! The first convention I cosplayed at was PAX where my friend and I cosplayed Black Canary and Green Arrow. It was the most surreal experience but I got hooked on it!

What do you enjoy most about cosplay?
What attracted me to cosplay was being able to bring Black Canary to life. I’ve always loved her as a character and resonate heavily with her. What I like about cosplay has changed though in recent years, now I do it to watch kids get excited over Captain America and Supergirl! Their reactions are what makes it worth it.

Paige Fergus AKA Canary of Melbourne

Paige Fergus as Sailor Moon – image supplied

Do you make your own cosplay? What’s the learning curve been like?
I try to make as many of my cosplays as possible, sometimes it’s not always possible. Like any hobby it’s hard to juggle in between work. I think the biggest learning curve for me has been altering and sewing! I’m still trying to remember to size up whenever I buy anything!

How far out do you start planning?
I actually write out my cosplans at the start of each year and align them with the conventions! I’m a massive nerd for planning, I have so many lists. Once I complete my cosplan list, I write up lists for each individual cosplan and what I need to complete it.

Who will you be cosplaying at OZCC this year?
I’ll be cosplaying my own empowered version of Harley Quinn on the Saturday, and a Rupaul’s Drag Race inspired Maleficent on the Sunday.

Paige Fergus AKA Canary of Melbourne

Paige Fergus as Captain America – image supplied

Any tips for surviving OZCC weekend? I know from my own experience it can be pretty full on with all the events, guest panels and meet-ups.
FOOD AND WATER. WATER AND FOOD. I cannot stress this enough. Too often I see people not eating and not drinking enough water because they are worried it will affect how they look. Fun fact: it doesn’t. It just makes you grumpy and feel terrible at the end of the day. Make sure you take some time to sit as well (especially if in heels).

What’s on at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne this year?

Of course there is much more to Oz Comic-Con than just cosplay. Although it is the highlight that Emma looks forward to all year. She even has a best friend that we met at our first Oz Comic-Con who we catch up with every year.

Convention goers can expect appearances from film and TV stars, comic book artists and voice actors, gaming tournaments and free-play along with out-of-this-world brand activations, industry talks and panels, and exclusive merchandise that can’t be bought anywhere else.

The event is family friendly too. Kids can leave their mark on MARVEL’s colouring wall, spark their creative desires in a range of kids comic artist workshops and walk tall in the Kids Cosplay Parade.

Comic enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the Comic District with opportunities to meet comic guests from major publications and enjoy the Comics Library. Gamers can head on over to the Gaming Zone and feed their competitive spirit or simply relax in the free-play gaming area.

Here are some of our highlights from last year’s event – Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2018

Luna Lovegood Cosplay

Emma Cosplayed as Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter last year – see the full Luna Lovegood costume photoshoot here.

Luna Lovegood Cosplay

Hanging with Astrid, Emma’s OZCC best friend

Luna Lovegood Cosplay

Time to take the stage for the Kids Cosplay Parade.

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2018

Finally I get a chance to sit down! What a big weekend!

And who is Emma cosplaying as this year? She will be Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter.

Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

WHEN: June 8th (Saturday) – 9th (Sunday) from 9am – 6pm, daily.
WHERE: The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006.

TICKET INFO: Adult Tickets start from $40 and EVERY adult ticket purchased includes one complimentary Child Pass (Under 12).  Kids under 4 go free.

For tickets, additional information and full line up of guests visit

Melbourne Oz Comic-Con Giveaway Graphic


To win 2 weekend passes to Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, leave a comment telling me:
What are you looking forward to doing or seeing at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne?

Terms & Conditions
The winner will be the entry deemed most creative by the judges. Entries open until 5pm Wed 5th June, 2019. Winner will be announced in the comments below and contacted via entering email address. To claim the prize, the winner must reply to the winner notification and accept the prize within 24 hours of receiving the winner’s notification or risk forfeiting prize. Winner will be issued a promotion code to redeem tickets online. Passes not transferable for cash. Passes are for Melbourne event on 8th-9th June 2019 and are not transferable for cash.
Giveaway is open to Australian residents only.


  • Kylie Moleta says:

    With one child into Marvel, another into Harry Potter, my husband into all the comics and myself interested in Shadowhunters and Arrow we don’t know how we will work out what to look at first! But we would love to give it a try 😁

    • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

      Winner. Congrats Kylie, you’re headed to Oz Comic-Con this weekend.

      • Kylie Moleta says:

        Thanks so much Cintia, we are all so excited for this weekend!
        Now to plan our days so we can make sure everyone gets to see what they want 😄

  • Sarah Moral says:

    I most look forward to seeing everyone in their amazing cosplay outfits!

  • Shae says:

    I’ve finally got a child old enough that she can go with her friends!
    I’m looking forward to hearing all about it over tea at home later 😂 It’d be even better if she didn’t have to spend her hard saved pocke money on the tickets- more for merch!

  • Melissa G says:

    Cosplayer spotting! Catching the cosplayers walking about in the crowd of normies is actually pretty fun.

  • Casey West says:

    We’re looking forward to checking out all the market stalls to find some cool collectables to take home. This year my son wanted to dress up as the Joker from bat man but my husband threatened to dress as harley-quinn 😂
    He is now reconsidering his out fit options …..

  • Cintia @ My Poppet says:

    Entries now closed. Thanks

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