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masterchef pop up lipton

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I was lucky enough to be invited to a High Tea at the MasterChef pop-up restaurant in Melbourne to mark the release of the new Lipton Pyramid Tea range. Tea and cake are two of my favourite things, so no need to ask me twice, nor did I have to twist the arm of my ‘plus one’ Flo, long time pal and fellow cake lover.

As a daily tea drinker I really enjoyed the chance to try some of the new Lipton blends and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the experience. When we sat down we were presented with a range of tea leaves under their own little cloches, instructed to inhale each aroma and choose our favourite. Mine was Russian Earl Grey, a delicate and aromatic black tea with citrus peel and blue petals. No need for milk or sugar, which I don’t take anyway, just perfect on it’s own.

tea leaves in cloche

The new Pyramid range comes in a unique triangle shaped tea bag which is especially designed to give the longer tea leaves more space to move around as it brews. More space in the pyramid tea bag means that the tea leaves and fresh fruit pieces swirl around freely releasing more flavour and aroma faster than a normal shaped tea bag. It’s the best of both worlds, the flavour of loose leaf tea in a tea pot with the convenience of a tea bag.
 So clever of them to present the tea in glass beakers so we could see how the tea infused, and the leaves swirled around in the pyramid bag.
And because I like tea I drank many, many delicious cups.

lipton pyramid tea bag

Then the cakes arrived…an array of Masterchef inspired treats, the most striking of which was the Lolly bag cake, with each layer inspired by a childhood sweet shop lolly.

lipton high tea cakes lolly bag

Of course no High tea would be complete without a macaron, and not just any macaron, but an Adriano Zumbo Popcorn Macaron, with pop corn coating and buttery filling. So deliciously rich, and perfectly memorable.

popcorn zumbo macaron

But the stand out treat, which appeared most unassuming and read very strangely on the menu was the Vegemite Caramel Chocolate Cup. In my mind Vegemite has no place on a cake, but I trusted the foodies, and hey, if it’s made with chocolate it’s got to be good right?
The menu suggested to match it with Orange Jaipur, a full flavoured black tea with orange peel, smooth with no bitter aftertaste. It was perfect and the sweet was delicious.

vegemite caramel cups

The chocolate cup was full of silky caramel filling that tasted exactly like Dulce de leche, an Argentinian staple, and it was topped with dried salty flakes of Vegemite which created a punchy salted caramel vibe. It was like my two cultural culinary icons had collided in one mouthful, the perfect representation of my Argentinian-Australian heritage in one bite. Very hard to top. I want another right now!

Cintia MyPoppet.com.au & Candice DeVille

It was a pleasant afternoon with tea and good company, including the gorgeous Candice DeVille, and even though I can’t have High Tea every day, I’ll be able to enjoy Lipton’s new Pyramid Tea blends at home whenever I like. With 16 tea varieties in the new range including Green Teas, Herbal Teas, Fruit Teas and Classic blends like English Breakfast, I’ll be able to choose a blend that suits my mood.

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