Hot Dog! Check out the Massive Wieners!

I promise this post is PG rated, although I do admit that one of the reasons I frequent Massive Wieners is that this hot dog stand’s name is such a deliciously amusing double entendre; almost as delicious as it’s hot dogs!

Massive wieners

Massive Wieners is an old timey American style hot doggery on Chapel st in Prahran with a simple menu of Hot Dogs, Fries and Shakes. We are massive wiener fans here at Casa My Poppet, you’ll occasionally find us here on a Saturday evening grabbing an early dinner at this little diner.

massive wiener hot dogs

There are so many reasons to enjoy a Massive Wiener!

1. Ordering is fun!

I can’t help but giggle whenever I order. My preference is an Average Joe with Pickle, but the Mr prefers a Massive Wiener. How do you measure up?

massive wiener hot dogs

massive wiener hot dogs

2. The Wall of Fame

While waiting for your order you can peruse the gallery walls of Fame and Shame. If you are feeling up to a challenge the store has a 25″ wiener (available on pre-order $15) that you must to eat within five minutes. Wiener winners win spots on the Wall of Fame and the hot dog is on the house, losers must endure the wall of shame.

We love looking at the photos and estimating how long we’d take to complete the challenge, I think one of the Mr’s secret life goals is to make the Wall of Fame.

massive wiener hot dogs

By the expansive look of the Wall of Shame, the challenge is not that easy to complete, the poor folks that ‘did not finish’ (DNF) get relegated to a spot under the bench. Lol.

3. Fun Vintage Vibe

I love the simple old school vibe. Neon signs, old school cash register, checkerboard floor tiles. The staff even wear snazzy little bow ties. Shakes and floats come with stripey paper straws and jazzy music plays over the wireless. It’s just the right amount of nostalgia without feeling too gimmicky.

massive wiener hot dogs neon sign

check floor tile

massive wiener hot dogs wall of fame

4. Hot Dogs and more!

Massive Wieners aren’t your ordinary supermarket hot dogs, the sausages are custom made for them by a local smallgoods manufacturer and the buns are baked daily. There are several topping options including sauerkraut, Chilli Cheese and my recommendation, the Pickle which has a delicious zesty pickle relish as well as the onion, mustard and ketchup that comes on the Classic. Not fancy, not gourmet but they hit the spot.

massive wiener hot dogs

Massive Wiener 9″ with Pickle $9

Average Joe 6″ with Pickle $7 with Average Disco Fries $7

Average Joe 6″ with Pickle $7 with Average Disco Fries $7

Do yourself a favour and order some Disco Fries. The gravy, melted cheese and onion topped french fries rock my world, not quite health food but so so good! I usually order a Coke float but I’m watching my figure (laughs).

hot dog and coke meal

Massive Wieners
226 Chapel St, Prahran, VIC 3181
Phone: 0400 124 303
Open from 11.30 am till late

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