Crochet: How to Weave In Ends As You Go

Crochet circle, how to weave in ends
I love seeing photos on Instagram of crafty projects in progress, it’s an amazing platform to gather inspiration and even learn new techniques. I often like to ask crafters how they did something in particular if it’s not obvious to me, and because the IG community is so generous, you often get a reply straight away.
I’ve been particularly inspired by the work of @AnnitaBianca, who is prolific crocheter, and makes amazing colourful blankets based on little circle flowers. She has kindly shared the pattern she uses on her blog, and I’ve started on a blanket of my own.
crochet circle flowers
I’ll need to make hundreds of circles before I join them together, I take my crochet every where so it’s been progressing quickly. It’s a great way to use up lots of yarn ends and some thrifted balls of yarn that I picked up recently at my local Salvos Store. The neon yellow yarn was purchased at The Haby Godess, I couldn’t resist adding a pop of fluro.
colorful yarn balls wool
Another thing I notice a lot on Instagram is crochet projects in progress with lots of little yarn tails hanging out just waiting to be woven in at the end. When I learnt to crochet, mum taught me to always weave the ends in as you go, which saves a ton of work. It’s hardly any extra effort at all, I’ve taken a few pictures to show you how.
How to weave in ends as you go - crochet
When you start a new colour the tail should be tucked along the top of the row you are crocheting over, then you can just crochet right over it, hiding it so you don’t notice it at all.
How to weave in ends as you go - crochet
When you finish a row, your trailing yarn can be woven into the top stitches. Just poke your hook into the top of the stitch next to the last one, and pull your yarn tail through. Repeat on consecutive stitches until all the yarn tail is looped around like a little spiral.

I hope that makes sense and helps you keep your crochet work tidy so you don’t have to spend hours weaving ends in when you finish.

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