Kids Craft: Doughnut Garland

Yesterday we had a small party at home for Emma’s 3rd birthday. She is a little obsessed with doughnuts (calls them pink bagels, lol), so I thought a doughnut themed party would be fun.
Whilst the cake was baking, we made this pretty garland together with bits and pieces from the craft drawer.

You will need:
Paper Plates
Pink craft paper
glue stick
hole punch
yarn or string

How to:
Parents to pre prepare- Cut hole out of center of paper plates and cut pink paper into irregular shaped rings to form ‘icing’.
Child to stick paper icing to plate and have lots of fun gluing on confetti ‘sprinkles’
Parent – Punch two holes in ‘doughnuts’ and thread with yarn to form garland.
String up your work and admire.

This is a great party project as each child can make their own doughnut to take home or combine to string up as a garland.

I also made a cake that vaguely resembled a doughnut, and had fun decorating some balloons by gluing some confetti on them.

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