Introducing The Lucky Draw Project

The Lucky Draw Project front page
I’m so excited to finally reveal a project that I have been working on since August last year. It was an idea that hit me out of the blue as a way to collaborate with some truly talented artists and illustrators, you know, in hopes that some of their amazing talent will rub off on me. So I drafted a long winded email and sent it of to illustrators whose work I admired, some whom I knew and considered friends, others I’d never met (and probably had never heard of me), and then held my breath.
To my delight and surprise, responses were overwhelmingly positive, it turns out creative folks love a collaborative project.

So with out further adieu, I introduce… The Lucky Draw Project.
It’s a collection of printable colouring pages each illustrated by a different Australian artist available every couple of weeks right in your in-box. Over time you can collate them into your own colouring book, or even frame your favourites and display them in your home.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

The Lucky Draw Project sneak peek illustrations
Want to join? The good news is it’s free, and if you are already on the My Poppet mailing list you will start receiving your colouring pages shortly.
If you aren’t already on the mailing list why not sign up now?

It doesn’t matter when you sign up, you won’t miss out on any of the pages as they are scheduled to be delivered every fortnight for as long as you stay on the mailing list. So far there are six months worth of colouring pages available, but more will continue to be added as new illustrators contribute to the project. Every illustration will be accompanied by information on the artist and a link to their website/store. Please support them by visiting their link.

This project is a special gift to you, to thank you for being part of the My Poppet community. It’s exclusive to email subscribers, so if your friends would like to join the fun, encourage them to join the mailing list too.

Framed artwork The Lucky Draw Project
The first colouring page available will be this beautiful piece by Madeleine Stamer, I loved it so much that I immediately framed it before I could get my coloured pencils out. I will print out another copy for colouring in I think. I’m honored to call Madeleine a friend and have several of her limited edition prints already gracing my walls
Flowers & Madeleine Stamer Artwork
In the coming months, and with the artists permission of course, I will make some projects inspired by the colouring pages.

So it’s time to love your in-box again, The Lucky Draw Project is coming to town!