Crochet Flower tutorial…

I thought I might have a go at writing an easy pattern before I tackle writing the crochet pattern for this bunting. I’ve never been able to follow coded pattens very well (I prefer pictorial ones) so when I totally messed up one I was following for a flower, I just made up an easier version myself.
I hope it’s easy enough to follow. Please leave a comment if you’ve made it with a little pattern review. If there is a problem let me know so I can fix it.

I’m assuming you know how to do these basic crochet stitches (there are heaps of good how-to videos on Youtube). I used 8ply wool (yellow and lilac) 5ply (blue) – i had these lying around, you can use any ply as long as the hook sort of matches.
Size 4.00 hook
stitches (UK/AUS):
chain ch
slip stitch ss
double crochet dc

treble tr

I have pictured step by step to make it easier for you (and me) to understand.
1. ch 8, join with ss to form a ring
2. ch 1, dc 15 into ring
3. change colour join with ss to first dc4. ch 1, dc into same as last ss, *(ch 3 skip next 2 , dc 1) repeat from * (4 times), ch 3 ss to first dc
5. ch 1 ( the next stitches are worked into the ch 3 space) *(dc 1, tr 3, dc 1, ch), repeat from * endng round with ss into first dc
6. fasten off all yarns
7. If you want to add another ring of petals dc into the initial (yellow) dc ring one stitch over from the first row in step 4. continue like step 4.
8. you can see the reverse in this image the blue dc are next to the lilac dc all the way around.
9. continue as for step 5 & 6.

I hope that makes sense…I will be posting more craft tutorials whenever I get some time, I’m happy to take suggestions for thing you may like to see.
Have fun,


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