Hooray for 2014!!

My Poppet 2014 personal roundup
It’s the last day of 2014 so naturally I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect on the year that was. Initially I was going to do a round-up of my favourite blog projects, but as I started going through my photos last night, it really hit me how good 2014 has been to me. I don’t really share much of my personal life on the blog, it’s a conscious decision that I made a couple of years ago, and I think it has helped me enjoy my family life a lot more than before. But because of that you don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, both good and challenging. So here is a little roundup of what happened in 2014 for me off screen.
At the start of the year one of my resolutions was to live more intentionally, learn new skills and put myself out there more. I think I was partially successful, and here are some of my personal achievements this year:

I started ballet classes, something I’ve wanted to do my whole life, and I will continue dancing for as long as my body will allow. I go to class every week and it’s been a wonderful challenge not only physically but mentally. Ballet speak is a whole new language (french mainly) but I am happy to report that I not only know the difference between a Tendu and a Tomb√©, I can perform them too.
Of course I have a long way to go, but this year has been the beginning, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Kitchen Renovations
In around April/May we finally finished a long drawn out renovation that left me without a kitchen for the best part of six months. It was very difficult not having basic cooking and cleaning facilities, dust on everything and workmen walking in and out of our house freely. I sort of let go of the idea of security when we had no windows or doors on the back of our house for quite a few months.
We had a fridge and microwave in the lounge room, and I improvised many meals in a sandwich press, but the reality was lots of take away and fast food which left us all feeling awful. We washed our dishes in the bathtub!
I’m so glad it’s all over and I am really enjoying my new kitchen and baking my little heart out. I’ve yet to take proper photos for the blog, but you may have seen my spotty wallpaper on instagram.

I taught myself to knit this year, probably one of the greatest and most timely gifts I’ve ever given myself. Knitting is wonderful as a craft, but it has excellent meditative and healing properties too. Through the middle of this year I was really struggling with lack of creativity, motivation and low mood (I think I have seasonal affective disorder {SAD}), but getting stuck into a few knitted projects helped keep me refocus on creating and helped me connect with a whole community of knitters that are just awesome.
I’m hooked and have developed a serious obsession with yarn that I need to control, lol.

Emma has really blossomed this year and I think 2014 has been the first year that I’ve really enjoyed this whole parenthood thing. We decided to let her have another year at 4yo kinder rather than rush her off to primary school, and although it was a really tough decision at the time, it’s been 100% right for her, and I’m very pleased.
I was on the kinder parents committee this year, and have made some good friends that will hopefully be friends for life. It’s hard making new friends in your late 30’s and I’m looking forward to connecting with the school community next year and building a rich friendship network with other families, something we’ve been missing for many years now.

My passport has gotten quite a work out this year! We had a family trip to Japan in May, which was so much fun. We went to watch sumo wrestling and soaked in hot spring baths until we turned into prunes. And also Disneyland! It was Emma’s first visit to Japan and she asks when we can return at least once a week. I love Japan.
In December the team at Nuffnang took me and 20 other bloggers to Dubai, where I flew (and crash landed) in a hot air balloon, rode a camel and hugged a penguin. Read more about my Dubai adventures here (there will be more to come in January).
Then finally, after Dubai, to celebrate my 40th birthday we had a little family getaway in Bali. There was cocktails (and sadly some gastro), but Emma has a great time with us, and that’s what counts.

The Big 4-0
Yes I turned 40 this year, and it feels good. This decade has thrown me my fair share of challenges, but it’s been my favourite so far, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

So now I’ve got to get ready for tonight’s festivities. I’ll be taking a few weeks off blogging to enjoy some family time and will be back with some exciting news in February.

Farewell 2014, you’ve been memorable. Here’s to a big 2015



  • gaia says:

    Happy 2015 dear! I had a wonderful time watching your inspirational pics and reading your projects this year!So happy I’ve known you! Love from Italy! G*

  • Stefanie says:

    Hi Cintia!
    Happy new year to you too. I love dipping into your site once my kids are in bed at night, looking at all the lovely colours and dreaming of creating beautiful things from it. I found it googling knee patches, and so far I’ve also managed to make the Xmas stockings – perfect for small Xmas gifts for my neighbours this year – and, so very satisfying, a fitted single bedsheet from a torn larger sheet (it also yielded enough material for a mermaid tail requested by my son!). Thank you for the clear instructions. I wouldn’t have dared to try a while ago, but I recently attended a beginners’ sewing course, and the sheet went well. I have also started twiddling twine!
    It was great to hear about your year. I have been asking myself how you manage to fit in so much creative activity with a young child. Any tips? I have three little boys, and my eldest also repeated four year old kindergarten last year and is off to prep later this month. Exciting but also nerve-wracking times! Best wishes to you and your daughter with school. I also loved hearing that you’ve started ballet. I have tried adult ballet, first in Hong Kong, which was very fun (the studio overlooked the harbour!), then again when I moved to Melbourne in 2003. Yikes!!! The other students were 16-18 and I felt like a fool and never went back. I’m nearly 44 now and would love to give it another go if I could find the right sort of class. What type of school are you going to?
    Anyway, congratulations again on your brilliant site. I really admire your creativity, the ideas and the gorgeous finished products.
    Happy 2015! Stef (ps I don’t habitually message people on public sites but your site really appeals to me and inspires me to get creative, as I’m sure it does so many other folk out there, so thank you.)

    • Hi Stef, thanks for your lovely message. I always love to hear about what readers actually make using my tutes. So happy you have given such a variety of projects a try. Sewing is not that daunting once you get the hang of it.
      Ballet with harbour views sounds AMAZING! I go to elance ballet school- this is the website https://www.adultballet.com.au/ They have a studio in Hawthorn and also in Flemington. It’s a really lovely environment with ladies (and some men) of all ages, shapes and experience. I’m about mid range age wise (40), and our class ranges from about mid 20’s to 60’s with some starting from scratch and some returning after many years of not dancing. They are very professional with excellent teachers (but thankfully no end of year performance).
      In regards to fitting in creative activity: I only have one kid for a start! Three boys is super busy. I suppose I like it enough to make some time in my day, but it’s not always easy and often comes at the expense of housework or socializing. I treat my making for the blog as a job so schedule time in for it, but personal making can be a little erratic.

      Feel free to message any time.
      x cinti

  • Kathryn Vercillo says:

    What a wonderful roundup of the year. Sending you so many well wishes for a magical, creative, vibrant 2015.

  • Stefanie says:

    Hi Cintia! Thanks very much for the ballet school info. I’ll definitely check it out. Next on the sewing front I’m going to give the bedside caddy and the braided t-shirt rug a go. The rug reminds me of a lovely circular one from my childhood, which my mother crocheted from fabric strips using a very thick crochet hook. I’ll have to wait until my babes are sleeping though – too much interest in my sewing machine while they are awake! It’s so fab you are creative professionally, I imagine it’s a really rewarding way to combine family and work. For now, happy summer break! And feel free to message me too, if you ever feel like chatting about school or anything. We are in Fairfield. I’ll be in touch again if I get stuck with the sewing! Stef x

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