How to: Dye wool fleece

I’ve had lots of orders for my little felt macarons after they were featured in the latest Frankie Magazine, and have quickly run out of my supply of tasty coloured roving. Time to make some more so I thought I’d share my little wool dying experience with your all.

This was the first time I’ve dyed my own wool, and because the amounts are small and I didn’t want to make a mess, I used jars…

You will need:
wool top/roving
cold water dye (dylon)
white vinegar
large jars or plastic containers
plastic cutlery
rubber gloves
sticky tape

How to:
-Portion off your wool into the required amount
-2/3 fill your containers with hot tap water (not boiling)
-add vinegar ( I used about 90ml per container)
-carefully pierce your dye containers and add a small amount of powder to water (I can only guess that i added about a third of the powder)
-seal up the hole in the tin with some tape for use next time
-stir to dissolve powder
-carefully add wool to liquid, and give it a poke and swish around till its fully submersed and soaked with dye liquid
-pop on lids and leave for at least 1 hour (we went to the beach so mine was in maybe 3 hours?)

-Put your gloves on (I didn’t and my hands went a little pink)
-Gently pour out dye liquid and rinse wool gently until water runs clear

Leave to dry…

-try to do this outside if possible
-wear old clothes, an splashes will stain
-don’t go overboard with stirring, agitating or squeezing wool or it will felt
-I would recommend keeping these containers for dying only as I don’t know how food safe they are after dying
-These tins of Dylon are discontinued but you can still find them at pharmacies with old stock

I was really pleased with the results, and I have saved a heap of dosh as coloured wool top can get pretty expensive. I picked up these little tins of dye for 50c each from a local pharmacy that was clearing them. I have about 40 tins in assorted colours, so now i have the freedom to create any felt colour my heart desires, Yay!


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