How To: Retro-tastic garden markers

retro garden markers

I’ve been sowing my winter veg garden, and because I’m a little on the lazy side I usually throw the seeds straight in to the soil and wait for something to happen. Fair enough you say, not lazy just practical. But the problem is, by the time anything sprouts I’ve totally forgotten what I’ve planted. So I had a brilliant idea!
Waterproof, recycled, retro-tastic mini garden markers made from stuff I had lying around.

You will need:

  • An old school DYMO label maker and some tape
  • Plastic tub lid, this ice-cream tub made eight
  • Utility scissors

How to:

retro garden markers
Make your labels, this is my fave part. Turn-click-turn-click!
Cut your tags plastic tags from the lid, these were about 1.5cm wide and 9cm long (3/4″x3 1/2″)
Make one end pointy
Stick on your labels firmly
Get out in the garden!

retro garden markers

I’ve always been fascinated by these little label makers, but until now haven’t found a perfectly practical use for them. You can imagine my amusement when after making this project I discovered that the labelling device was originally marketed to make pressed metal garden markers!


  • Jenny from Ohjoh says:

    Love that you have green nail polish. A green thumb!

  • The Beetle Shack says:

    This is excellent, a little 1970's retro garden bed!

    Jenny from Ohjoh, too funny!!


  • Carrie Spritzer says:

    These are so fun! I can't wait to try them… now to locate my old school label maker… I *think* it's somewhere in the garage. Hmm…

  • WendyP says:

    How well does the adhesive stick through rain & humidity & fog & temperature changes? Or would I probably want to use some crazyglue to make sure?

    • Miss Cinti @ My Poppet says:

      Hi Wendy, some labels did drop off my the end of the season, probably due to the age of the tape. A bit of crazy glue/super glue would probably prevent this. Great idea!

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