Kids Craft: Shoe Box Doll House

shoe box dollhouse

Emma has been fascinated with all things tiny of late, so I thought it was time that all her little toys had somewhere to live.

A shoe box is the ideal size for a doll house, and more importantly, it’s a great way to reuse items that would normally be discarded.

Her favourite crafting activities are pasting and stickers, so I tailored this project to suit. It’s the most crafting fun we’ve had together in a long time.

I remember making a similar shoe box house for my sister’s Muppet Babies figurines (remember those?).

You will need:

shoe box dollhouse
  • shoe box with lid
  • coloured paper for exterior
  • old magazines (home/interior ones are best) or furniture catalogs
  • glue
  • scissors
  • decorative stickers (optional)

How to make a doll house from a shoebox:

Parents – from magazines cut out pictures of interior scenes, furniture, bookshelves etc… to ‘furnish’ and decorate the interior of the box, and pictures of greenery and trees for kids to paste around the outside of box as a garden. Cut a door and windows from the lid of the shoe box.

Kids – Cover the outside of the shoe box with some coloured paper, the kids will love job of pasting.
Decorate liberally with stickers and paste a garden on the outside and a cozy interior scene inside.
Include some wall art and maybe a fire place to make the space nice and ‘cozy’.
You are limited only by your imagination!

shoe box dollhouse

shoe box dollhouse

Time to play

shoe box dollhouse

And pack up is a breeze

shoe box dollhouse

Did you ever make a shoebox house as a kid?


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