Upcycle Style: DIY Mid Century Planter

How to make an Upcycled Midcentury planter

Sometimes I find discarded objects on the side of the road that have a ton of potential. I may have a project in mind instantly, or not, but regardless, it usually comes home with me.

Walking home from the park recently I picked up a dome shaped wire object that was once the top of a bird cage. It could have become a woven lampshade, but combined with another thrifted find of a wine bucket stand, I’ve transformed it into a mid-century style wire planter.

It’s been a while since I shared a big upcycling project (although I have a few in the works), and I’m really pleased how this one has turned out. Mid Century style planter stands have become super trendy of late, but they are not cheap, so I was lucky to have everything I needed on hand. My only added expense was the basket liner (about $7), some good potting mix and plants.

It was a really easy project that took me less than an hour to complete.

Upcycle mid century planter DIY supplies

You will need:

  • Wine bucket stand
  • Large wire basket (I’ve used the top of a bird cage)
  • 3 cable ties
  • Black spray paint (or colour of choice) optional
  • Coconut husk basket liner (to fit size of bowl)
  • Wire cutter/heavy duty scissors

How to:

Upcycle mid century planter DIY assembly

1. Sit wire basket on top of stand.

2. Use cable ties to fasten top of stand to basket.

3. Clip ends of cable ties.

Upcycle mid century planter painted

4. If desired, spray paint assembled stand the colour of your choice. Follow manufacturers recommended drying time.

Some handy Spray Painting Tips over here

Upcycled planter herb garden

5. Line with coconut husk liner, fill with soil and plant as desired.

All Done!

How to make a mid century planter upcycled DIY

I’ve chosen to plant herbs in my planter in hopes that it will save me buying pre-packaged herbs from the supermarket, but I have black thumbs so not sure how they will hold up.

The bonus with this planter as opposed to planting directly into garden beds, is that I can move it around to chase the sun in winter, and move it out of the harsh heat in summer.

If you are after a low maintenance alternative, succulents are easy to grow and have a mid-century vibe.

DIY mid century planter


  • Julie.C says:

    Brilliant idea it looks really good.

  • Sarah Helene says:

    COOL . . . Way cool! I LOVE this herb planter that you’ve created from a discarded top of a wire bird cage. Fab idea on a metal stand so it can be easily moved in & out of the sun. Thanks! Sarah on Minneapolis

  • Brigitte says:

    I love this, and the fact that is less likely that snails can make their way into it because it’s up so high!! Brilliant!

  • Julie aka SereneBee says:

    whenever I see old birdcages w/o floors [the bottom bit] I take them home to shelter plants. It started with a tiny lavender plant that was growing under the verandah, It was transplanted and put under an old bird cage found in the backyard. But now I have small fruit trees under old ‘cocky’ cages. It saves them from death by whipper snipper!

    • Great for protecting any fruit too. I have possums that eat any new growth they can find.

      • Julie aka SereneBee says:

        Have you tried organza bags over the fruit? It’s easier than netting entire tree. One of my grapevines climbs up our no longer needed climbing frame – I peg sheer curtains to the frame which stops fruit fly and birds. Of course, the curtains need to be replaced every few years.
        Fortunately no longer possums in my bit of East Victoria Park, WA.

    • Brigitte says:

      What a great idea Julie! Oh, and Cintia, I’m going to have to put Mum and Dad onto that one as they have all kinds of animals eating their plants where they are!

  • Shirley says:

    Ihave just found your web site. So much to see and do and so easy. Thankyou

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