Book Review: The Crochet Answer Book

Book review - The Crochet Answer Book -

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This month I’ll be reviewing a book out of my personal library. It’s a reference book that I use on a regular basis and has improved my crochet skills immensely.

The Crochet Answer Book by Edie Eckman is like my little crochet bible that sorts out any problem, and answers every question I have when I’m crocheting.

Edie Eckman is a knit & crochet designer, teacher, author and technical editor. She’s written around a dozen best selling craft books, contributes to craft publications and also has patterns available on her blog and Ravelry.

Her crochet books are a fabulous resource in my collection. Apart from The Crochet Answer Book, I also own, Around the Corner Crochet Borders and Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs.


The Crochet Answer Book

This book is so popular it’s now into its 2nd Edition which has a different cover to mine, and even more useful information to help solve your tricky crochet problems.

Book review - The Crochet Answer Book -

Book review - The Crochet Answer Book -

Broken up into chapters starting with the basics like Ch 1: Hooks and Other Tools and Ch 2: A Good Yarn which not only offer a solid foundation for beginners, but also help with difficult problems that more advanced crocheters may experience like “I’m substituting yarn, how much do I buy?” and “Is there anything I can do to keep variegated yarns from appearing splotchy?”

Book review - The Crochet Answer Book -

Other chapters cover topics such as stitches, gauge, working shapes, pattern language and advanced techniques.

Book review - The Crochet Answer Book -

There are numerous quick reference charts and diagrams that are handy to refer to when using other patterns. I particularly like the Basic Formula for a Circle chart, and Standard Crochet Abbreviations chart.

Book review - The Crochet Answer Book -

I can not speak more highly of this book, and I’d recommend it to any level of crocheter, whether just a beginner, or to those of you that may create and write patterns of your own.

Its handy size means you can always have it with you in your project bag whenever you need to refer to it. It’s like having your own personal crochet expert with you at all times. You’ll never have to waste time trawling Google for the right answer to your problem again.

Book review - The Crochet Answer Book -

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  • Mary says:

    Thanks, Cintia, for reviewing this book for us!
    I have been crocheting on and off for over fifty years but still have unanswered questions about this ancient art called crochet. I am not at all an expert but I am able to make many simple items for myself and for gift-giving. I shy away from crocheting clothing because earlier attempts turned out too “home made” instead of “hand made”.
    After reading your review I think I’ll purchase this book. Hopefully it will have enough advice to help me crochet out of my comfort zone.

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