Stripe & Tassel Knitted Washcloth Pattern

Stripe washcloth knitting pattern -

If you are new to knitting, making washcloths are an easy way to practice your skills without having to commit to a large project.

This pretty knitted washcloth pattern only requires the most basic of knitting skills. The addition of stripes and cute crocheted tassels on each corner elevate this basic knitted square from ‘blah’ to ‘Ta-Da’!

In my opinion, you can really never have too many washcloths, they always come in handy, and make really great hand-made gifts when bundled up with a pretty soap or hand cream. I’m sure anyone expecting a baby would welcome a pile of these as part of a baby shower gift.

Knitted washcloths also have the added bonus of not requiring much yarn which makes them ideal for using up leftovers from other projects.

Choose cotton yarn, or cotton blends with a high cotton percentage, as it’s super absorbent, durable, washes well, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Any colour would work well for the stripes, but brights contrasted with white or cream really pop. I’ve added a crocheted edge for added durability and to prevent the washcloth stretching out of shape. The little loop tassels on the corners are just a bit of fun, but can also double as a hanging loop.

I originally wrote this knitted washcloth pattern for Handmade Magazine a few years ago (sadly no longer in print), and recently rediscovered it in my old document archives. There aren’t any step-by-step photos unfortunately, but the pattern is simple enough that you should be able to follow along easily enough.

Stripe & Tassel Knitted Washcloth Pattern

Body of washcloth is a garter stitch square with alternate colours every 2nd row, yarn is carried up side. Edge and tassel corners are crocheted.

Stripe knitted washcloth pattern

Finished Measurements: 16x16cm not including tassel corners

You will need:

  • 50g ball (or leftovers) of 8ply (DK) cotton yarn in 2 contrasting colours (Colour A = dark, Colour B = white/light)
  • 3.5mm knitting needles (US 4)
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • Wool needle
  • General knitting supplies

Gauge: 10cmx10cm (18 st x 36 rows) – gauge is not super critical so don’t worry too much if it’s not perfect.


  • CO = cast on
  • BO = bind off
  • k = knit stitch
  • ch = crochet chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • ss = slip stitch (crochet)

Knitted Section:

CO 28 stitches in Colour A
Row 1: K colour A
Row 2: K colour A
join colour B carry colour A up side
Row 3: K colour B
Row 4: K colour B

Repeat Rows 1-4 for 54 rows or until you knit a square.

Last row should be colour A
BO, do not break off yarn A
Break off yarn B and weave in all ends

Crochet Edge:

Use colour A

  • Single crochet over knitted edges taking care to regulate stitch tension and not over stretch knitted edges.
  • Number of stitches across work will be 28, number of stitches down work  will depend on your number of rows.
  • Stop at  each corner and make tassel (see below)
  • Continue sc till you have reached the start.
  • sl, break off and weave in end.

To make tassel:
At each corner [ch 8, sl into first stitch] 3 times to create 3 loops.

Enjoy knitting these stripey cotton washcloths – I bet you won’t stop at just one!

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