Colour Blocked Granny Square Headband

If you’ve got a few spare granny squares leftover from a crochet project, I’ve got the perfect way to use them. Make a stylish Granny Square Headband!

Make a crochet headband with a twist

After making a Granny Square Needle Book a little while ago from my large granny square stash, I thought it was time to dive into the pile again and make another quick and easy granny inspired craft project.

As I mentioned in that last post, this big bag of crochet squares came to me by way of a friend (I think), and I’ve set myself the challenge of using them in fun and interesting ways.

Assorted crochet granny squares

Amongst the colourful array of granny square designs, there were a few plain coloured ones in shades of peach and lilac which coordinated beautifully with each other.

Lilac and peach crochet granny squares

There were only 4 in total, which ended up being the perfect amount to sew together and make a cute headband.

The colours are very retro inspired, and the contrast in hues really shows off the headbands twist front design.

Girl wearing a crochet headband - colour blocked granny square headband

Girl wearing a crochet headband - colour blocked granny square headband

Emma immediately loved it and insisted I photograph her wearing these oversized sunglasses, reminiscent of a golden age Hollywood starlet!

How to make a Two-Tone Granny Square Headband with a Twist!

How to make a color blocked crochet headband

This retro style colour blocked twist crochet headband is quite easy to make, and will take you less than an hour to whip up with ready made granny squares.

I’ve used 2 colours because I like how it really shows off the twist on the top.

Of course you can make this crochet headband in just a single colour if that is more your style.

If you don’t have any suitably sized crochet granny squares laying around, it’s easy enough to make some with just a small amount of yarn.

Girl wearing a crochet headband - colour blocked granny square headband

Even if you are new to crochet, granny squares are one of the simplest crochet projects for a beginner. There are 100’s of tutorials and videos online with instructions for how to crochet granny squares. This free e-book by Shelly Husband is a great place to start.

To make a granny square in a similar size to the ones I have used for this project, I recommend using a 5ply (sport weight) yarn with a small 3mm-3.5mm crochet hook.

Another alternative to making individual granny squares is to crochet a long rectangle in the same dimensions. 

Girl wearing a crochet headband - colour blocked granny square headband

The most suitable yarn for this headband is either wool or acrylic yarn has a little more stretch and will keep its elasticity. Cotton yarn has little give and won’t bounce back once it stretches, making your headband loose after a few wears.

You will need:

Granny square headband supplies

  • 4 Crochet Granny Squares (around 11cm/4.5″ sides) – 2 of each colour (see note at bottom about sizing)
  • Matching yarn or embroidery floss
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

How to:

1. Join granny squares by whip stitching edges together though the back loop of the edge stitches.

Whip stitch granny square

2. Sew granny squares together in a row of 4 to make a long rectangle. Two of colour A, then two of colour B.

How to make a twist knot headband with granny squares

To create the twist knot

3. Fold long granny square rectangle in half with right sides facing. Match edges of end squares, but offset the sides halfway as shown.

How to sew a twist headband steps

4. Fold the granny squares so they form an ‘S shape’. You should have a 4 layer sandwich!

How to sew a twist headband steps

5. Sew back and forth (ladder stitch) through the edges of all 4 layers.

How to sew a twist headband steps

6. Gently pull thread to gather and securely fasten off. The stitches will be hidden inside the twist knot.

How to sew a twist headband steps

7. Flip inside out and your head band is ready to wear!

How to sew a twist headband steps


The finished headband looks small, but it’s very stretchy and fits from a child to a small adult head comfortably.

Granny square headband, fishined size

Granny square headband, fishined size

As a general rule, each crochet granny square will stretch up to an extra 1″ so take that into account when you measure your head for sizing.

For larger heads (or if you have lots of hair), add another granny square to increase diameter.

Crochet twist headband

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