Crochet Pattern: Drawstring Bucket Bag

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

Brought to you by American Yarns

Today I have a super easy crochet bucket bag pattern for you made with a new yarn called Bernat Maker Home Dec. It’s a chunky tubular cotton yarn that has the feel of t-shirt yarn, with the added bonus of being much lighter.

American Yarns gave me a couple of balls to play with, so I had some fun testing it out and creating an exclusive crochet pattern just for you.

Berat maker home dec - yarn review -

Bernat Maker Home Dec is quite a unique yarn. It’s made of a tubular knit cotton outer which surrounds a nylon core.

Berat maker home dec - yarn review -

There’s so much to love about this yarn! I really enjoyed working with it.

Because it’s much lighter and thinner than regular t-shirt yarn, it’s more versatile, perfect for lots of home decor and garment applications. I like the chunky look of t-shirt yarn but it’s often too heavy for many projects, so Bernat Maker Home Dec is the perfect alternative.

Bernat Maker Home Dec is soft, but will hold up to wear and tear, and you can throw it in the washing machine and dryer if it gets dirty. Great for throws, cushions or accessories.

Crocheting or knitting with it is a breeze. It slides over your hook/needle really easily and creates very nice stitch definition.

Depending on your hook/needle size, you can create a loose drapey fabric (lovely for garments) or a really firm hard wearing fabric (great for bags and homewares).

The colour range is small but quite nice, (although I’m not really a fan of the variegated shades).

Great for beginners as it works up (and frogs) quickly and doesn’t split.

Berat maker home dec - yarn review -

Sample of how Bernat Maker Home Dec looks knitted (held 2 strands together).

When I picked up this yarn I was planning on knitting a chunky cushion cover with it, but after crocheting a swatch, I knew that this yarn and crochet were just meant to be. The cushion cover idea went out the window, I was making a bag.

How to make a Crochet Bucket Bag

A girl can never have too many bags, and bucket bags are a great everyday all rounder.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

I’m a bit of a lazy crafter so as I was working in the main body of the bag, I realised that I could cheat a little and add a pre-made strap, rather than crochet my own.

I don’t really like crochet straps on bags anyway, they tend to stretch out and look a bit ‘homemade’ ( not in the good way). Adding the leather is a nice contrast to the softness of the yarn and it gives the bag a more boutique look.

The strap and drawstring is removable, so you can crochet a few bag bodies in assorted colours to match your wardrobe, and just change out the strap when required.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern, Bernat maker home dec colour

With the magic of photoshop, I’ve mocked up what this bag would look like in alternative Bernat Maker Home Dec colours.

I’ve used leather boot laces for the drawstring ties, but you could also use a waxed leather or cotton cord, thin rope, or even ribbon.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

This is really the easiest bag pattern going around, and the best thing is you’ll only need one ball of yarn to make this project. Time to make a Crochet Bucket Bag!

Finished size: Height (no strap) 25cm/10″, Base 20cm/8″ diam.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

You will need:

  • 1 x ball Bernat Maker Home Dec (290 m/317 yds) – colour used CLAY
  • 8mm crochet hook
  • Stitch marker or Scrap yarn for stitch marker
  • 1 x clip on bag strap (about 95cm/37″ long)
  • Leather cord 2x 85cm/33″ lengths
  • Scissors
  • Plastic sheet (optional for base insert)

Where do I find Bag Straps?

Great question, here are a few suggestions.

  1. The first place you can look is in your own wardrobe, you may already have a handbag with a clip-on strap that you can use. The great thing is you can swap over the strap whenever you want to use your old handbag again.
  2. I went the the op-shop (thrift store) and found a $5 purse with this attractive strap. It needed a small length adjustment so I took it to my local cobbler to shorten.
  3. If you are handy with leather work, try making one yourself. The clip fasteners are available at most craft stores.
  4. Ask your local cobbler (shoe repair store) to make one for you. You may need to supply the clips.
  5. Etsy, Ebay and Amazon have a huge selection of handbag straps in every colour and design you could possibly imagine.

Stitches used:

How to:

Crochet the Bag Body

Pattern Instructions:

Pattern is worked as one piece in the round so there is no joining or turning. Work in a spiral and use a stitch marker to help keep your place.

Gauge 4″x4″ (10x10cm) = 13 stitches and 14 rows


Start by making a Magic loop – Magic Loop Crochet instructions here
Round 1: 10 sc into magic loop (10)
Round 2: 2 sc into each stitch (20)
Round 3: *1 sc, 2sc into next stitch*, repeat ** till round complete (30)
Round 4 & 5: sc all stitches (30)
Round 6: *1sc in next 2, 2sc in next stitch*, repeat ** till round complete (40)
Round 7: *1sc in next 3, 2sc in next stitch*, repeat ** till round complete (50)
Round 8: sc all stitches (50)
Round 9: *1sc in next 4, 2sc in next stitch*, repeat ** till round complete (60)
Round 10: sc all stitches (60)
Round 11: *1sc in next 5, 2sc in next stitch*, repeat ** till round complete (70)
Round 12: sc all stitches (70)
Round 13: *1sc in next 6, 2sc in next stitch*, repeat ** till round complete (80)
Round 14: sc all stitches (80)
Round 15: sc all stitches INTO BACK LOOP ONLY (80)

Base is done.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern - circular base

Because you are working in a spiral you will have a small jog (gap) in round 15 where you work into the back stitch. It’s not very noticeable, and doesn’t bother me too much.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern


The sides are super easy to make, just crochet all the stitches until the bag is as tall as you like.

Round 16-51: sc all stitches for 36 rows (or till side is 25cm/10″ tall).

Slip last stitch and weave in end.

Assembling the Bag

This part is a doddle.

Lay the crochet section flat and clip on the bag straps an equal distance apart about 3 rows down from the top edge.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

The crochet fabric is very strong so there is no chance the bag will tear away or break. You may get a little stretching in the stitch gap like this. (see below).

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

Weave leather cord in and out of stitches, about 4 rows down for 1st cord, and 5 down for second cord with about 2 inch spacing.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

Make sure the ends of each cord finish facing out and on opposite sides.

Tie off the leather cord ends.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

Optional step – If you prefer a firm base on a bag, go ahead and cut out a circle from a plastic sheet to fit the base (plastic packaging is ideal). I quite like a soft, floppy bag, so I left this out.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

And you’re done! How easy was that?

I’m pretty pleased with this project. It turned out much better than I expected, and I love how the leather matches my clogs. Can’t wait till the weather warms up so I can wear my new accessory combo.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

My Pom pom bag charm is an easy way to add a pop of colour and changes up the look of the bucket bag.

Crochet Bucket Bag Free Pattern

Bucket Bag alternate colour option – Left: Clay, Right: Pea Green.

Loving the classic look of the Clay colour yarn with the tan leather, but I also quite fancy making one in Pea Green.

Which colour will you choose?

You can purchase Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn from



  • Priscilla says:

    What a charming, casual, chic purse. I REALLY like it! Thank you for posting the pattern. I have worked with tee-shirt yarn before and liked it, so it’s good to know there is a more practical yarn available with the same sort of vibe. I just checked, and yes, the Bernat Maker Home Dec is available in the U.S.

  • Ooh, Cintia, I love this! I’d never heard of this yarn before and it sounds pretty interesting! I like how it looks almost like rope when you crochet it. Just lovely, thanks for the pattern! 🙂 Lisa

  • Caroline says:

    Thank you for this great pattern! Do you have any suggestions on how to create this with a leather bottom? I’m scouring the internet for tips on how to crochet onto leather. Thanks!

  • Katherine Daly says:

    I am making this bag but have found that following the directions precisely with a 8mm crochet hook I am going to need about 2 1/2 balls of this yarn not 1! I’ve measured everything and my base is a tad bigger.. just 8 1/4” instead of 8” but that’s still a lot of difference! Did I do something wrong!

    • Hi Katherine, are you using the Bernat Maker Home Dec which has 317 yards per ball or the Bernat Maker fashion which has only 126 yards per ball?

      Also you may crochet with a slightly looser tension than I do which could explain why your base measurement is slightly bigger. You can always go down a hook size to tighten this up. It shouldn’t explain needing over 2 balls though. Just double check the label to see the yardage length of the ball.

  • What size is an 8mm crochet hook in the u.s.?

  • Vidya says:

    Hello, i fell in love with this bag the moment i came across it! I ordered the exact same yarn in baby yellow and i am making it. My concerns is that your base stitches seem so tight weaving. Mine has distinctly visible holes. I am only in round 4 but i can see the difference. I am holding the yarn as tight as i can but enough to allow for use of the 8 mm hook. I am doing the single crochet stitch (US). Can you explain to what i may be doing wrong? Thank you

    • I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, it’s just that you may crochet with a looser tension.

      I would suggest using a smaller hook size – Go down one or even two sizes to achieve a tight crocheted fabric.

      My tension is quite tight generally.

      • Vidya says:

        I too generally crochet too tight..i thought maybe i am holding it too tight?
        should i hold it more loosely? And what hook size do you suggest i go down to? I am still a novice! If i go down a hook size, will the bag dimensions be smaller?
        Thank you for your guidance..

        • It might be a good idea to make a swatch to check your tension. Because this is knit in the round the best way would be to make a chain of about 30 stitches then join the ends. Start sc all the way around to make a cylinder. Flatten it out and measure how many stitches and rows are in a 4×4″ square.

          As a guide I have 13 stitches and 14 rows in 4×4″

          if you have less stitches your tension is too loose and choose a smaller hook. if you have more stitches you may need a larger hook.

          I know it’s a pain sometimes to make a gauge swatch (I usually skip this step depending on the project) but it can be really valuable to help you learn about and adjust stitch tension.

          In the end it doesn’t matter what hook size you use (or your tension) if you achieve a gauge of 13 stitches and 14 rows in 4×4″ – You’ll end up with the same bag size as mine.

          I hope that makes sense.

          • Vidya says:

            I think i understand. I will undo my work and try a swatch first!
            I want to get it right 🙂

  • Just made this bag and it turned out fabulous!!! Your pattern was so easy to follow. Well done!! I was wondering if have a crochet pattern using home decor for a large tote bag or beach bag.

  • Vidya says:

    I just finished my bag and it turned out fantastic!! I used a 6.5 mm crochet needle and following the instructions, my base was 8″ as described, but i reached a 10″ height by row 30, so i finished the bag at row 31 with a row of slip stitches 🙂 Thank you for the fun project.

  • Alyssa says:

    Hi! I’m currently trying this. I think it’s so cute!! I’m noticing my 8mm hook is like creating weird spaces in each of the stitches. Will it bounce back? Or do you have a tip to make it look not stretched out/holey? Thank you!

  • Grady Elliott says:

    Nice bag. It’s a very creative bag. I like it.

  • Lucie says:

    Is there a way to download this pattern?

    • I’m happy to create an ad-free printable version that can be downloaded for a small fee, otherwise you can copy and paste the instructions into a word document for your own personal use.

  • Lorena says:

    Hi there! Awesome pattern but using the 8mm/L11 hook makes the bag too big. I have tight tension. Did you mean an H8/5mm in US? I did go down a hook size to a K101/2-6.50mm and the base is measuring about 9.50. Going to keep going I was just wondering if the hook size should be different:

    • Hi Lorena. Yes I did use an 8mm crochet hook. My tension is quite tight also. I suggest you reduce the hook size until you achieve the required gauge.
      I’ve just become aware that I use a ‘yarn under’ technique in my single crochet which results in a tighter stitch, maybe try that and see how it goes

  • Cristol says:

    Hi is there a PDF version that I can download as I cannot find the pattern. I have to screen shot all the pages with lots of advertisements in the pattern.
    Please let me many thanks.
    It’s your drawstring bag. Cristol

  • Hillary Eckstein says:

    I am a novice and trying to make this cute bag. Did you double up the yarn and use two stands? My sides do not seem to be growing straight. I am getting more of a round bowl affect. Do I just need to keep going and once it is taller it will be straight across the top? Thank you!

  • Trace says:

    Fell in love with the look so I made the clay color and just started the pea green. I am also using an 8mm and it’s coming out perfectly! I couldn’t find anything sturdy for the bottom so I bought a styrofoam circle and it’s perfect! Thanks so much for making this pattern available.

  • Carolyn says:

    Hi, I just finished the bag and I love it! I followed your pattern and the bag is just perfect. I’m going to add some decorative items too.❤️

  • K says:

    Those that used the 8mm hook and the base came out larger did you keep going and Have enough yarn to finish? My base is coming out to 10” I’ll try a smaller needle if I’m not going to have enough yarn. Txs

  • K says:

    Hi again. I love this pattern and I cut a heavy plastic sheet for the bottom, how did you attach it so nothing ended up underneath it? Thanks!

  • Dolly says:

    How did you put the plastic in the bottom without it moving around

    • I’ve just left mine loose, and it does move around depending on what’s in the bag. If you want to secure it firmly you can either punch some holes around the edge of the plastic circle and stitch it in with a few tacking stitches, or make a fabric circle a bit larger and sew it over the inside base sandwiching the plastic in between the crochet base and the fabric.

  • Margareth Wlodarski says:

    It’s a beauty. Great job

  • Ariana says:

    It’s such a beautiful bag! Thanks for sharing 🥹👏🏻bucket bags are ALL THE RAGE!

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