Crochet Easter Eggs in Cotton Yarn

How to crochet easter egg pattern -

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It’s nearly Easter time and when American Yarns invited me to try out their colourful assortment of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarns, a carton of rainbow hued Crochet Easter Eggs instantly sprung to mind.

I’ve used cotton yarn in the past both for knitting and crochet and really enjoy working with it. Mostly my experience has been with 4ply and 8ply yarns, which can be a little thin for Amigurumi and I’ve had to hold 2 strands together for a dense textile (otherwise the stuffing comes through). But because Sugar ‘n Cream is nice and chunky it’s a dream to work with and I was like a kid in a candy store choosing all my colours.

Sugar n Cream Cotton Yarn in Australia -

I really like Amigurumi style crocheting with Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn for several reasons:

  1. It shows of each stitch really clearly giving the surface a lovely textural effect.
  2. It doesn’t stretch like wool or acrylic yarn can, meaning you can make well defined forms which hold their shape when firmly stuffed.
  3. It’s available¬† in lots and lots of colours (75 to be exact) making for fun bright projects.
  4. Sugar n Cream is 10ply (medium/worsted), it works up quickly and makes a nice solid fabric with size 4.5mm hook.

I’ve used an existing free Easter egg crochet pattern for this project rather than creating my own because how many variations on an egg shape can there be? No need to reinvent the wheel, or in this case the egg!

crochet easter egg pattern -

Find the Free Crochet Easter Egg Pattern here – It’s US based so I’ve given you some notes and local adaptations below to make it easier to follow. It’s in an Amigurumi style which only requires you to know Single crochet (sc US), and the little eggs work up really quickly so you can make a whole carton in no time at all.

how to make crochet easter eggs

These make the perfect Easter gifts for babies, make them more interesting by adding a small bell or rattle when stiffing for a fun jingly sound. You can improvise your own homemade rattle like I have here, or purchase them online from here.

To make Crochet Easter Eggs

Sugar n Cream yarn in Australia

You will need:

  • Sugar ‘n Cream (10 Ply, Medium, Worsted) cotton yarn in Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Sunshine, Hot Green, Seabreeze, Black Current.
  • 4.5mm crochet hook
  • Fibre fill or stuffing of your choice
  • Stitch marker or Scrap yarn for stitch marker
  • Yarn Needle
  • Easter Egg Crochet Pattern

Crochet stitches used:

The pattern I used uses US crochet terminology

  • ch – Chain stitch
  • sc – Single crochet (US) = dc Double crochet (UK) – instructional video here skip to 1:32
  • sc2tog – Single crochet 2 together or single crochet decrease – instructions below

How to crochet a SC Decrease – sc2tog

You may not have encountered a single crochet decrease (sc2tog) before, it’s very easy to do and helps reduce the number of stitches in your pattern without leaving a hole in the crocheted fabric. The sc2tog instructions are sort of self explanatory – single crochet 2 stitches together – but the trick is to only half form each stitch before crocheting the 2 together part. I’ve broken it down, step by step, below.

How to sc2tog - Single crochet decrease instructions

Step 1: You’ll be working into the next two stitches on the row.
Step 2: Yarn over. Pull the yarn through the stitch on your crochet hook. You should now have two stitches on your crochet hook.
Step 3: Insert your crochet hook into the next stitch in the row. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through the first stitch on your crochet hook. You should now have three stitches on your crochet hook.
Step 4: Yarn over. Pull the yarn through all three stitches on your crochet hook.

Rainbow crochet easter eggs

The crochet Easter eggs pattern is a breeze to follow and makes the perfect sized eggs to fit into an egg carton. There are also some suggestions for pattern variations to add stripes and colour blocking.

You really need to stuff them firmly to get a nice egg shape so take some extra care when doing this otherwise you’ll get a misshapen egg. With stuffing my tip is to stuff as full as you think necessary and then go ahead and add some more for luck.

Weave the tail in firmly and you’re done! I love how vibrant the Sugar ‘n Cream yarn is, but if your tastes are more subdued, opt for softer pastels or natural tones. How fun would these crochet up in the variegated ombre varieties?

You can purchase Lily Sugar ‘n Cream from

Rainbow crochet easter eggs

Rainbow crocheted easter eggs in carton -

Rainbow crochet easter eggs -


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