Lazy Days Mini Shawl Knitting Pattern

If you are looking for a quick and easy knitted shawl pattern, this simple triangle shawlette is for you. Light enough to wear in Spring and Summer, my mini shawl pattern is a super quick knit, suitable for all seasons.

Light summer shawl knitting pattern, woman wearing shawl as scarf

This yarn review and free shawl knitting pattern is a collaboration with American Yarns

It’s been an unusually cool summer in Melbourne, and even though the days have been pleasant enough, an extra layer to take the chill off is always appreciated.

My regular sized shawls have been a little to warm and bulky to wear, so I knitted up this light and silky mini shawl, a shawlette, to throw on as I walk out the door.

woman wearing knitted triangle shawl over shoulders.

The pattern is super easy, just simple garter stitch with a few increases and decreases to create a triangle shape. Even better, I’ve designed the pattern to only use one ball of yarn, so it’s economical too!

Made from a new soft and silky luxury yarn from American Yarns – Lion Brand Landscapes Fusion.

Lion brand landscape fusion yarn

This yarn has an unusual soft twist which almost looks hand-spun. The pretty array of variegated colours knits up into a soft marled effect which looks like painted watercolour strokes.

woman wearing knitted shawl

Lion Brand Landscapes Fusion is lovely and squishy, with a silky finish that is lovely to the touch. It drapes well when made up with a slightly larger needle (or hook) size than recommended. I’ve used 7mm needles as opposed to the 6mm suggested on the label.

Lion brand landscape fusion yarn

Lion Brand Landscape Fusion yarn – Morningside (left), Rucker (right)

Normally I’m a bright colours kind of girl (I don’t usually wear pastels), but I thought the denim and soft pink colour combination of ‘Morningside’ was really pretty for a Summer shawl.

Lion brand landscape fusion yarn 'morningside'

Of course this shawl would look great in any Landscapes Fusion colour combination. Why not make a few so you can have one to match every outfit!

Lazy Days Mini Shawl Knitting Pattern

woman wearing knitted shawl

The little shawlette is such a fast knit – perfect if you need a quick project for some instant crafty gratification.

It only took me a couple of evenings to finish, and was ready to wear as soon as I cast off the final stitches – no blocking required.

Knitted triangle shawl pattern

Shawl knitting pattern

The gauge isn’t super critical, but I would suggest using a digital scale to weight your yarn just before you get to the half way mark in the pattern to make sure you will have enough to finish.

I’ve allocated around 5g spare to allow for those that knit with a slightly looser gauge.

Knitted triangle shawl pattern

You will need:

triangle shawl knitting pattern

Finished size (unblocked): 26.5cm (10.5″) wide x 117cm (46″) long (keep in mind the fabric is quite stretchy with soft drape)

Gauge (approx) 10st and 20 rows in 10x10cm (4″x4″) in garter stitch

Knitting Stitches used:

  • CO – Cast on
  • K – Knit stitch
  • kfb – Knit front and back (increase stitch)
  • ssk – Slip Slip Knit (decrease stitch)
  • BO – Bind off

Triangle Knitted Shawl Pattern instructions:

Knit from end to end in garter stitch with increases every four rows until you are halfway though yarn ball, then decreasing every four rows to end.

You have the option of counting rows to determine when to switch from increases to decreases (by following my pattern suggestion) or using the basic formula and weighing your yarn ball to determine when you’ve used up half.

Shawl increase section

CO 3 st

R1 – Kbf, K all to end

R2 – K all

R3 – K all

R4 – K all

Repeat rows 1-4 x 27 times (until you have 30 st) – and/or you have used up about 48g of yarn

Shawl decrease section

R1 – ssk, K all to end

R2 – K all

R3 – K all

R4 – K all

continue rows 1-4 till your last row is ssk, k2 with 3 st remaining.

BO and weave in ends

woman wearing knitted shawl

You may also enjoy these free knitting patterns:

Lion Brand Landscapes Fusion yarn is available from


Light summer shawl knitting pattern

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