Free Printable Alphabet Poster…

Because I’m an all round fantastic gal, I’ve created an Alphabet Poster for you to Print for FREE and enjoy immensely. It is a photograph of the needle felted letters I made for Emma.
No fancy PDFs here – Just click on the link here to download and print from there. Make sure you choose ‘fit to page’ to size it to either A3 or A4 paper.
I’ve just printed it on normal copy paper here and framed it in a Ribba frame from IKEA. I’m sure if you print it on photo quality paper print a little brighter than mine.
This was originally going to be a tutorial on how to make this Alphabet bag (below),but I found the experience of using the iron-on transfer paper just too traumatic, and was quite unimpressed with the finished result. I will save you the heartache and cursing for now, we may revisit a similar project another day…
I hope you enjoy your poster, feel free to give it as a gift but please do not sell any copies, it’s for personal use only.
I haven’t tried this photobucket method before, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you are having trouble downloading it
Cheers Cinti

edit: I am happy for you to spread the word about my printable poster, but please link to this post rather than the direct printable link. Thanks for your understanding.


  • Estelle says:

    how very generous! That bag looks ace, what was the problem with the transfer paper?

  • rahel says:

    Thanks- this poster looks great!

  • Miss Cinti - my poppet says:

    Ok, here is my beef with the transfer paper. Iron, iron try to peel it off, not bonded yet, then iron again, if you peel when too hot it half sticks back on the paper and wrecks the print. If you peel off when too cold paper wont come off. don't iron enough, stays opaque.
    Iron on a softish surface (like ironing board) print stretches and goes funny.
    Finally after several goes (stuff is not cheap) don't let it fold over or it will stick to itself.
    stays all tacky/shiny/rubbery
    hard to sew unless you have a teflon foot- like sewing rubber!

    Bought it from spotlight. Any companies out there want me to review their product please feel free to post.
    that is all

  • kitty says:

    Thanks Cinti.
    It's very sweet.
    I've never tried transfer paper, I'm a bit scared of it. The iron & I aren't the best of friends.
    What if you printed it onto printable fabric?
    Have a great week.

  • Anna Bartlett says:

    Hi Cinti, LOVE the image – have put it onto transfer paper and then onto a tshirt for my 3 year old. She started singing the alphabet as soon as she saw it. We love it. And I feel your pain with the transfer paper. It is plasticy when it's done, but I find I get the best result when you iron it on and then lie the item so the paper side is on the ironing board, and then carefully peel back the fabric, rather than trying to get the paper off… does that make sense. It makes a huge difference. Doesn't seem to stretch the print.
    I'm putting a free image up on my site tonight too, and I'm hoping people like it as much as I liked yours.
    Will post some picks later in the week. Thanks again!

  • Marie says:

    You are a fantastic gal !! Thanks so much for sharing this, I love this print (and I love these letters)… I'll email you soon xx

  • Terri ( Meterr) says:

    Id love to use transfer paper again! The last time I made my son a shirt, it turned out fine, but after 1 wash, half the transfer was gone.. the shirt ruined!! I thought the stuff was supposed to be permanent! Id love to see your reviews of transfer paper that works!!!!

  • Shannon - Wasting My Pretty says:

    Cintia! Love your poster I found at BabyccinoKids! It is already printed and in my front hall. And it was so great, I had to put it on my blog.
    My kids love it! Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    The best alphabet poster I've seen – made me smile. Thanks so much for sharing it x

  • graphix_girl says:

    Thank you so much for your poster. I love it and it's going up in my little girl's room. She loves it also. Thank you again!

  • Amanda says:

    You were featured at Today's Top 20! Hooray!!


  • Partycraft Secrets says:

    Love this – I printed one out for my two daughters as an A3 poster – the eldest daughter is loving teaching the youngest one her letters! Thanks! x

  • Jessica Nava says:

    Will be printing out for my Amalia's future room, I am interested in those letters tho, how you made them? Do you have a”how to” for those? Thanks

  • Cynthia A. says:

    I was wondering about the felting process of the actual felted alphabet. Did you needle felt them in alphabet cookie cutters and then curve in the edges?

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