DIY Fabric Decals and Wardrobe Makeover

DIY fabric decal bunny wardrobe
Before, a generic pine wardrobe gathering dust in a friends garage…going cheap at zero dollars!
Added a couple of coats of Acrylic gloss paint, some cute little red knobs from Ikea and some sweet little homemade fabric decals…

before and after wardrobe update

How to make fabric Decals

You will need:

  • Cotton fabric scraps
  • Stiff iron-on fabric interfacing (white)
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pencil
  • PVA (woodwork) glue or similar
  • A damp cloth
  • A brush to apply glue

How to:

  1. Iron your fabric to remove any creases.
  2. Iron on a piece of interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric, this should make your fabric nice and thick and prevent fraying.
  3. Trace your desired design in reverse (interfacing side) remember it will come out in reverse so if you are doing letters you will need to trace the mirror image.
  4. Cut out your shapes.
  5. Glue them on to your desired location with the PVA, brush onto the back of decal initially then when positioned brush onto front. The glue will soak through and great a bit or a shiny finish when it dries. Make sure to wipe of any excess with a damp cloth while the glue is still wet.
  6. You’re done!

vintage fabric bunny decal

wardrobe makeover with diy decals


  • Fat Chick Design says:

    Very cute!
    I am off to rummage on your other blog!

  • Lizeylou says:

    Love love love it!! Wish this fancy wardrobe was at my house!!

  • jet says:

    I have read about this, but the glue they used of other authors wasn’t available in the Netherlands, And i don’t like to buy all kinds of brands of glue on the internet.
    it’ always try to find a working glue that is available in our shops as well.
    So this is a good working tute for me. thank you so much.
    I had planned to make tags like dollhouse rooms on the doors, I have for other persones a not normal interieur so most people will take the wrong doors to leave the house or to go to the toilet.
    But when some other neighbours will drive in my house with an other kind of wheels they will hit them off, so i think this is a much better solution for me.
    and then i haven’t be a guid for all other guest in my own house anymore.LOL
    i will send you when i have done it some pictures
    Many duch hugs and a great winter time, it’s here really summer;-D

  • Teq says:

    If you want to make the decal temporary, use starch instead of glue to put it on the place you want to put it on.

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