Fruity Paper Plate Envelopes – Send some Happy Mail!

It’s been a while since I’ve made something exciting for my pen pals, so this week I got creative with some paper plates and transformed them into colourful Fruity Envelopes.

Make Fruity Paper Plate Envelopes

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This easy paper plate craft is a fun way to keep the kids entertained with just basic craft supplies.

You probably already have all the supplies required to make these Fruit Paper Plate Envelopes at home, so next time you need to send a letter or small gift, pop it inside a slice of watermelon or an orange wedge.

Get the kids excited about writing a letter to their friends or family. Younger kids can draw pictures to include in their envelope. In this digital age it’s always fun to receive a letter or parcel in the mail.

I always try and make my pen pal’s mail deliveries a little bit more fun, like the times I sent a giant hamburger postcard, an ice-cream cone and a Christmas stocking. Fun mail keeps it interesting for the posties too.

Inspiration for this project: a cute watermelon envelope pictured in Ebony Bizys’ book Hello Tokyo.

You will need:

Paper plate envelope supplies

  • Paper plates – the flimsier the better
  • Acrylic or water colour paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Cello tape to seal the envelope
  • Stamp
  • Address label
  • Paper to protect work surface

How to make Paper Plate Envelopes:

How to paint a watermelon plate

1. On the BOTTOM of the plate, paint your fruit design. I’ve done a watermelon, lemon and orange, but you can get creative and make a kiwi, or even a dragon fruit!

fruit painted paper plates

2. Set aside and leave to dry.

make a fruit envelope from paper plates

3. Once dry, fold plate in half.

4. Fill with a gift, treats, a letter or whatever you want to post.

5. Seal edges firmly with strong tape.

Send a letter in a slice of lemon made from a paper plate

6. Add your address label and stamp.

In Australia these fruity envelopes classify as a ‘large letter’ so depending on weight, start at $2 to post nationally.

watermelon envelope DIY from a paper plate

How cute do they look? I want to send all my mail in fruit.

Make Fruity Envelopes from paper plates

Here is a sneak peek at how I filmed my video, hooray for washi tape, is there anything it can’t do? My next big investment is a dedicated phone tripod mount.

making video with iphone

Want to make more unconventional envelopes? Take a look at these ideas



  • Brigitte says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Fantastic. I just love them. We need to send off something to Grandma so this will have to be a school holidays project for us. And it might just change the colour of our day???!!! Thank you. (Side note: School holidays aren’t going too well …)

    • Oh dear! I always struggle with school holidays if we are at home, the second week is especially hard. I’m glad my fruity envelopes turned your day around. Now you can spread the love via the postal service. 🙂

      • Brigitte says:

        Indeed we can! I think it’s more difficult with one as we are their play thing. And yes, you have made my day. Thank you. I love your posts!!! Inspiring. And PLEASE don’t tell me the second week is worse. this week’s been HORRIBLE! Mind you, I’ve set up a lot of play dates etc next week. I wasn’t prepared or more like, I wanted to get things done around here?

  • Kay says:

    Cute idea. Would be good for birthday party invites.

  • Tamara says:

    Beautiful envelopes! And the stamps from Poland

  • jet says:

    Hi Cinti,
    such a fun idea of yours, and thank you so much for the great tute you’ve made and shared;-D

  • Beth Diiorio says:

    Thank you yet again Cintia! Words cannot describe how much I look forward to your inspiring ideas. LOVE these fruity envelopes…must make! Can’t help but smile when I look at them.
    ~ Beth 🙂

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