Get Creative with The Lucky Draw Project

Dawn Tan for The Lucky Draw Project
I’ve had so much positive feedback about The Lucky Draw Project, it’s been really wonderful hearing how much you are enjoying receiving a surprise illustration in your inbox every fortnight. Most of you have told me how much fun your kids are having colouring the pages, but I’m wondering how many of you are getting out the old coloured pencils and getting creative yourselves.

colored pencils
I’ve had a pretty intense few weeks recently, and the other morning I just decided to stop and colour. For no particular reason really, just to help clear my head, and guess what, it helped.
Kat Chadwick for The Lucky Draw Project
I had a lovely time colouring Kat Chadwick‘s doodle contribution, such a cute retro feel complete with succulent pot plants and Catherine Holm bowl and kettle.
Kat Chadwick for The Lucky Draw Project
Buoyed by my colouring high, I decided to experiment on Dawn Tan’s illustration with water colour paints, she is the queen of water colour after all. I wasn’t sure how I’d go as sometimes inkjet prints can smudge when they get wet, so I tried to keep the brush fairly dry. Less water helped reduce the crinkly paper effect too.
I hope I did Dawn’s illustration justice, I certainly had fun splashing about some paint.
mason jar, paint water
Popcorn Dawn Tan for The Lucky Draw Project
It’s been such a long time since I did any drawing or painting, and I found it quite satisfying. Maybe I need to schedule some more time for it.
The Lucky Draw Project
Have you signed up for The Lucky Draw Project yet? There is lots of information and a subscription page here.
I’d love to see what you colour in. Why not Instagram it with the tag #TheLuckyDrawProject so everyone can get inspired.


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