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Mollie makes felt hearts

Mollie Makes issue 23 – Project feature

There is something super special about flicking through a magazine and seeing your work right there in print. I know digital is the way of the future, but my chest still swells up a but when those words and images are right there on paper (mum always seems more impressed too). The last few months has seen my patterns and projects featured in quite a range of publications, the lead time is so long with some of them that I’d totally forgotten I’d contributed until copies of the mags arrived in the mail!
If you are interested in what I’ve been upto feel free to read on…

I created and photographed this Hoop DIY Project for Peppermint Magazine. Recycle special memories into an art display.

Peppermint Magazine craft project kids

Peppermint Magazine summer 2012 – Project Contributor

This Frankie Collectors feature was my favorite. An interview with me about my collection of plastic coat hangers.
Frankie Magazine Coathangers

Frankie Magazine issue 51 – Collector feature interview

So many people have asked me to write a pattern for Emma’s Recycled Wool Hexagon Rug, now it’s in the latest issue of Australian Homespun Magazine.
Homespun Magazine - felt rug

Homespun Magazine No117 vol14 no2
– Project Contributor

A couple of my Heart themed blog projects re-published in Handmade Magazine

Handmade Vol 31 No1 - Felt heart Garland

Handmade Vol 31 No1 – Project Contributor

Handmade Magazine Vol 31 No2 - Dreamcatcher

Handmade Magazine Vol 31 No2 – Project Contributor

And one from out of the blue, Swedish Elle Decor featured my Cross Stitch Chair Project.
Swedish Elle Decor Dec 2012

Swedish Elle Decor Dec 2012 – Cross Stitch Chair feature

Do you have a soft spot for magazines, or are you digital all the way?


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