Mini Stripes Scarf Knitting Pattern

Now that the weather is cooling down and the evenings are getting longer, it’s the perfect time to start knitting a colourful cosy scarf to brighten up your winter days. I’ve got an easy scarf knitting pattern that you are going to love.

easy scarf knitting pattern

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I couldn’t resist using DMC Woolly 5 merino yarn again after my Rainbow Knitted Baby Blanket project. This squishy 100% merino wool yarn is super soft and feels lovely against the skin, making it perfect for garments like hats and scarves.

With a plethora of yarn colours to choose from, I really wanted a scarf pattern that was easy to make, but colourful at the same time.

Striped knitted scarf pattern

On my search for inspiration I stumbled across this Stripey Tube Scarf by Purl Soho, and decided it was the perfect design concept for my own knitted scarf project.

Because the yarn is a totally different weight, I took direct inspiration from the Purl Soho scarf pattern but adapted the pattern to use DMC Woolly 5, which is a 8ply (DK) yarn weight.

It took a few sample swatches, some calculations and even a digital kitchen scale to get the pattern to work. But with a bit of persistence, it worked out great in the end.

scarf knit pattern circular needles

Suggested DMC Woolly 5 Colour Combinations

With so many lovely colours on offer in the DMC Woolly 5 range, it’s really hard to narrow the selection down to just 7 colours for this scarf pattern.

Because it can be hard to see how colours work together just from colour swatch pictures on a screen, I’ve had fun mixing and matching some of the range to make it easier for you see what they look like together.

Want to make a Mini Stripes Scarf? Here are some of my favourite yarn colour combinations.

I’ve named them with titles that best describe the colour stories, and have listed the individual colours below for your convenience.

I’ve used the ‘Sunset’ colours for my knitted scarf, but I really like them all. Both the ‘Ocean’ and ‘Lemon Pie’ combinations are quite unisex and would look nice on both men or women.

Scarf colour combination suggestions

From left to right:

  • Sunset – Dove 31, Cornflower 82, Gold 95, Watermelon 05, Burgundy 155, Mulberry 55, Powder Pink 40
  • Ocean – Stone 11, Topaz 73, Light Blue 71, Steel Blue 77, French Navy 173, Pigeon 07, Dove 31
  • Berry – Dusty Pink 45, Grape 65, Lilac 61, Mulberry 55, Burgundy 155, Red 105, Watermelon 05
  • Lemon Pie – Ecru 03, Cornflower 82, Gold 95, Fawn 103, Stone 11, Natural White 01, Dove 31
  • Rainbow – Watermelon 05, Mulberry 55, Grape 65, Topaz 73, Spring Green 89, Cornflower 82, Gold 95

Mini Stripes Scarf Knitting Pattern

This scarf is a super simple knit. After casting on there are no stitches to count, no purling, just knit, knit, knit. You don’t even need to count rows, just change colours as your yarn ball runs out.

Tube scarf knitting pattern -

I’d even go as far to say that this is the perfect Netflix knitting project. Easy without being too boring, the colour changes make it just entertaining enough.

Knitted as a tube, it’s the perfect project to get you started on your circular knitting journey. Once you get the hang of it, I promise you’ll be hooked!

Best of all there are no seams. Once you cast off and weave the yarn ends in, you can wear it straight away.

Tube scarf knitting pattern -

To make this Striped Knitted Scarf

Several circular knitting styles can be used to make this scarf. My preferred technique is the Magic Loop method using a long flexible cable.

Watch this video tutorial that explains how to cast on an knit with the Magic Loop method.

If you have a really short cable circular needle, or a set of DPNs (Double Pointed Needles), they will work just fine also.

I also found this stripes in the round video tutorial helpful for changing yarn colours.

striped scarf knitting pattern

You will need:

How to knit a scarf

Finished size (lightly blocked): 18cm (7″) wide x 180-190cm (70-75″) long – Finished circumference: 36cm (14″)

Gauge (approx) 15st and 20 rows in 10x10cm (4″x4″) in circular stockinette

Knitting Stitches used:

  • CO – Cast on
  • K – Knit stitch (in the round)
  • BO – Bind off

Mini Stripes Scarf Knitting Pattern instructions:

Tip: Number your balls of yarn in your desired knitting order, which makes it easy to grab the next ball in the correct order.

  • With 1st colour CO 54 stitches. Join for working in the round being careful not to twist the stitches. You may place a marker at the join if desired.
  • Knit every round for 12cm (4¾”)
  • Join 2nd colour
  • With 2nd colour, knit one round. With 1st colour, knit one round.
  • Alternate colours on every round until 1st colour is finished (ending with 2nd colour)
  • Join 3rd colour
  • With 3rd colour, knit one round. With 2nd colour, knit one round.
  • Alternate colours on every round until 2nd colour is finished (ending with 3rd colour)
  • Continue this pattern until 6th colour is finished.
  • Knit every round of last colour for around 12cm (4¾”)
  • Bind off (make sure you leave enough yarn to cast off)
  • Weave in the ends as neatly an invisibly as possible.
  • Block lightly by steaming, or gently soaking in tepid water and drying to desired shape. See some tips for blocking here.

Free knitting pattern for striped scarf

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DMC Woolly 5 yarn is available from


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