Upcycle Style: Washi Tape Magnets

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On our recent trip to Japan I couldn’t resist picking up a colourful assortment of washi tapes. Emma loves to use them to stick up her artwork around the house, but unfortunately she is a little heavy handed and some of my favourite designs are nearly running out. In an effort to resolve the disappearing washi tape ‘situation’ I created some pretty washi tape magnets from unwanted advertising magnets that were just cluttering up the fridge.
Those advertising magnets just seem to multiply, where so they all come from?
I salvaged the strongest and largest ones for this project and the rest went in the bin.
The fridge looks much happier now with cute reusable magnets that look like pieces of tape.

Washi tape magnet supplies Diy

You will need:

Unwanted advertising magnets (choose strongest ones)
Assorted Washi tapes
White adhesive paper

How to:

How to make washi tape magnets upcycle
1. Cover advertising side of magnets with white adhesive paper. You may need to add a couple of layers if the design is still showing through.
2. Stick down your favourite washi tapes on the white paper layer.
3. Cut through the magnet to make individual washi tape strips. Trim the ends square or like little arrows.
All done! So quick and easy.
handful of washi tape magnets, see mypoppet.com.au for DIY instructions
Perfect for sticking that artwork up on the fridge.
Washi tape magnets are perfect for kids artwork on the fridge


  • Estelle Pickersgill says:

    Awesome tutorial, so simple and cool. Going to try it rignt now!

  • Sarah Helene says:

    CLEVER & CREATIVE, INDEED! Washi tape magnets made from advertising small magnets that needed re-purposing! 3 E-A-S-Y steps . . . VIOLA, DONE! LOVE your idea with bright-colored & cute designed tapes! THANKS for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

  • Roar Sweetly says:

    Fantastic! I always feel guilty about throwing away those plumbing and real estate magnets that appear in my letter box.

  • Try your local pizza place, they always seem to have some.

  • Jet says:

    Awesome, i like this. i think i will try this out as well.
    You’re briallant. thank you for the tute and the sharing;-D

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