Who are My Poppet’s Readers? Survey Results and Fun Infographic

An insight into My Poppet readers - infographic
The survey responses are in and I’ve had fun creating a colourful infographic with a few of the results. As you know, infographics are ‘so hot right now’
I really want to thank everyone that contributed their thoughts and opinions, there is so much to digest and some really constructive suggestions. I was overwhelmed by the number of responses and actually had to cut the survey short as it crashed my blog and broke my email due to excessive email traffic!

All the information gleaned will help me make better decisions about any tweaks and changes to the blog in the coming months, nothing major, just some better categorization and menu navigation which will make all tutes easier to find. Most suggestions reinforced some of the things I’ve been thinking too, we are all on the same page there.

More importantly your overwhelmingly positive feedback and lovely comments really boosted my spirits and will keep me motivated to keep blogging when my mojo is wavering. I know lots of people are reading from my Google stats, but sometimes it’s good to hear real voices, not just numbers. It helps me focus on trying to create content that will engage you (hopefully).

I think your blog is fantastic. I love the diversity of projects from sewing to cooking to lots of other stuff you do. Please keep up the great work.

Obviously you can’t please everyone and for every topic that a reader wanted more of, another reader didn’t really care for it. So I’ll be taking suggestions on board especially where there was a clear trend, but I can’t be everything for everyone, and I’ll just do my best to keep it interesting for readers, but also for me too.

Most of you said “I love the topics and mix of posts you have – don’t chance a thing” which is a real pat on the back.

I think you’re doing wonderful!! Can’t wait to see what the new year will bring. Keep up the great work!

Least popular post topics were – Sponsored/Advertorial posts (15% of respondents) and Travel posts (13% of respondents).
Sponsored content is sort of non-negotiable as it’s my main form of income, as always I’ll always try to keep it as relevant as possible. But in saying that, 15% isn’t that negative, (I thought it would be higher), which means that most of you understand that for me to provide all the free content that I do, I have to cover costs and make a (small) income some how. Thanks for being awesome like that.

I love your blog; I find your style really nice and unique, so please don’t try to be too commercial-like because what make you YOU is what attract me the most. It’s good that you trying to improve but never- ever please, go too far from your inner true-self… 😉

The travel content I had sort of guessed, most readers are just here for craft and things to make. I love to travel (even more than crafting) and because My Poppet has taken another direction since it’s beginnings, I’ll be starting a travel blog soon. Will keep you posted!!

Most popular content was – Craft tutorials, printables and a big call out for more food based posts.
So many great suggestions for tweaks to make my tutes more useful to you, and for topics that you’d like to learn about. But I must apologize to those wanting more knitting basics and projects, that’s never going to happen, knitting stresses me out!

Food was the biggest surprise. I’m a pretty lazy cook, so if I ever get my kitchen finished I’ll be sure to start sharing some of my easy recipes. We can try it out for a while and see how you all like it.

I love your blog and whenever I am on the internet, I make a point to stop by. Your banana bread recipe is a weekly one for my lunch too!

I could go on and on, there were over 300 responses after all, but I’ll stop there. Some of you left me specific questions which I will try to answer individually if you left a contact email, but I won’t be able to respond to everyone due to time constraints.

As always, you can leave questions about anything in comments or send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you have questions about a specific tute, I always think it’s helpful to ask in the blog comments section as the answer may help another reader with the same question.

One of the suggestions was to share more tips and resources – so I’ll start now.

I love your blog visually and would love some how-to tips on how you do your graphics.


Emma starts school next week so get set to start crafting!

x Cintia


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